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So, is down for maintenance? I'm a sad panda :( is down for maintenance while my friends play? LOL!?
Server is listed as up, yet I too get the Error 33 (server down for maintenance) when trying to log in.
Same here
at first i was getting server busy then after that i then got error 33 im really confused ><
Same here :(
My husband is playing right beside me but I can't even get in, (error 33)
Yea, whats going on? Servers "down" for maintenance, while everyone who was already online can remain playing... wtf? was online with no probs less than an hour ago before i went to grab something to eat. Then i got error 37, now it's error 33-.-

Blizz post plx...
Yeah same for my friends to... only one who isn't online.. !@#$ing hilarious.. -.-
Down for me to... :(
Yeah, the same for me, first error 37 and now 33.
my bro is !@#$ing playing right
Same here
Me too...

Blizz is celebrating the weekend? :)
Error 33 for me too? Can't find anything online about being down. Blizzard pls fix!
Same for me, maybe it's a made up excuse for servers are full? either way blizzard could you at least POST to say you have read and let us know whats happening instead of keeping us in the dark all the time im getting sick of this
Same here
It's like someone/something just wants me to study up for my exams, instead of playing Diablo3... hmmm

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