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I love the occasional no-lifers who dedicate their time to responding to these threads. If Inferno is so fun and doable for them, you would think they would be playing it rather than responding to threads wherein 90% of the community is in agreement that the difficulty of Inferno negates any chance of actually enjoying the game. Watch the video before you flame a legit post.

As a Demon Hunter I've actually found the game's difficulty relatively enjoyable because I am a kiting class, and I get to experience the danger of being 1-shot near the end of Hell mode, which is simply practice for Inferno. Honestly, the wizards whining about how hard they have it becomes tiresome because EVERY class is struggling right now. They have it easy compared to Monks, Barbarians, and even Witch Doctors.

Those of us who work part time and spend every other moment of our lives in front of a computer screen might find inferno to be an enjoyable group challenge. But this isn't warcraft, there are not "set" mechanics. We can't jump on Vent and coordinate our way to overcoming an encounter. Diablo isn't a game for tactical group maneuvers, it is and always has been very, very gear dependent. There's simply too much going on too quickly and too chaotically for ANY person or group of people to overcome in any tactical fashion. IF the gear in Hell mode and Inferno act 1 is enough to make Inferno 2 doable, they need to make those drops more frequent.

A lot of the community enjoys playing this game SOLO though, and while Inferno isn't impossible, you'll be ripping your hair out as you spend hours getting from one quest to the next with VERY little to show for it on account of how many rares and champions you'll have to simply skip to avoid instant death.

No lifers? I have a good life thanks.
You just posted that rant on a video game forums....whos the no life~?
Hopefully D3 will improve with some new/changed features. They will probably be brought in expansions you have to pay for.

I have to admit I found D2 more enjoyable than D3, but I only ever played the fully expanded version of D2.

The main thing that might need a tweak is the consequence of death in soft core should be worse. Losing items woud add to the excitement and would make a healthier economy.
[quote="42101257046"] there is absolutly nothing else to do other than grind, grins and grind away, im sorry if thats the point of it, i dont understand how people can thoroughly enjoy this?

Lol and hows D2 different from this?
D2 is better because (my reasons)

1. You can scam/inflate sales people in trade. (supply and demand market)
2. You can steal loot with faster computers
3. You can look for diablo clone
4. You can find an ETH socketed weapons and runewords
5. You can also zod an eth unique
6. Charms
7. Crazy jewels like 40/15ias
8. Lots of crap talk pvp and chasing koreans
9. Good/fun random modifiers
10. stacking all your points into a few skills
11. teleporting barb
12. Poor but sometimes useful set items.
13. massive leech and absorb

----would like to see in D3----

PVP deathmatch
PVE Raid boss
morph items or combine
glowing character for better visibility
I'm incredibly bored already, nothing to do once you hit 60 except grind gold to buy gear. Once you have the best gear then what? Waiting for pvp, however the way things are I don't think it's going to be all that good.

There are a lot of other reasons why this game doesn't impress, but I think they have mostly been listed in this thread or others.
Agreed, the game is boring and not very fun.

What's missing:

1) No quests rewards other than XP and a bit of gold. So all the interesting milestones along your quest journey simply don't exist, e.g. some gems or gear as a reward or even a boost to resistances! It's this sort of thing that makes you wanna repeat a particular quest again and provides some depth to the game.

2) The fun in D2 was thinking of ways to build characters around the gear you found. I am struggling to do that with this game.

3) Gear itemisation, yuk, I really dislike it. Enuf has been said on this topic.

4) I would rather like to find some legendaries or set items myself instead of having to farm for gold in order to buy gear from the AH. Finding cool items is fun, shame it does not exist for me in D3.

5) Bosses runs. Blizzard trained us for years that bosses can drop good loot. I am happy to kill champs and namers along the way, but you always knew that even if these mobs dropped rubbish then at least the boss is far more likely to drop some good items.

6) I play HC, even if I make it to level 60, from streams that I have watched, there's no way I would ever play inferno. So for me, thats a whole Act of the game out of reach.

7) Playability, I have found that once you reach Nightmare, then the champ and namer fights are generally about kiting. I don't mind this occassionally, but for me there's way to much of having to do this. I wanna stand there and smash stuff to bits, not run around the zone trying to kite champs and namers.

8) Music is insipid. Nothing I find myself humming along too or even wanting to listen too.

Anways, I could go on but no real point. It's too late for Blizz to change this game now, I just wished I had waited a few weeks before buying it to see what peeps thought. Back to the real world for me.
1. I believe this game would've been so much better if they did all the acts in the difficulty between hell/inferno for the entire game. And take out the repeating process of beating the game over and over again for 4 times!
2. PvP where is it?when is it??? 12 yrs of making and no pvp? what a shame.......
3. Storyline is ok but very short. Alot more cinematics wouldve been nice.
4. Arent the bosses suppose to be harder with better drops....cuz rare mobs in inferno rape while bosses are super easy while their drops are like useless.
5. This is 21st century, i expected alot more from blizzard, especially when they took so long to make the game and hyped it up so much.
6. End game content is bad... i mean really bad.... Grinding gear for inferno and dying a gazillion time is depressing. I mean sure the difficulty should be hard but not to the point of unplayable by most gamers..... and this whole thing about the elites of the elites is bull crap...for all i know most of us arent koreans!
7. Auction house is good i'll give that to blizz
8. Crafting.... what a joke....u pay much much higher prices for items that are unlikely for your class. Gems crafting, just buy them at auction house.....
9. Diablo 3 is not dark and scary enough for a horror genre.... for god sake its too colorful!
10. Overall, im really disappointed.
i understand what you are saying. As a longtime fan of d2 and other blizzard games, d3 fails in many ways. but this challenge you speak of.. once you hit act 2+ in inferno difficulty, it will be an eye opener.

but besides that, i completely agree with you. There actually is no skill customization. All you do is pick different runes etc, but trust me, once you get to inferno, some builds is completely useless. This encourages every class of same type to go for the same build, same mechanics. Which is boring.. and lastly

i dont know this game 4 player per game... i mean i get maps are small isnt open as d2, but still it limited, and in-game communities simply dont exist. To communicate with people besides those in your friends list, you have to actually come to the forums.
i understand what you are saying. As a longtime fan of d2 and other blizzard games, d3 fails in many ways. but this challenge you speak of.. once you hit act 2+ in inferno difficulty, it will be an eye opener.

but besides that, i completely agree with you. There actually is no skill customization. All you do is pick different runes etc, but trust me, once you get to inferno, some builds is completely useless. This encourages every class of same type to go for the same build, same mechanics. Which is boring.. and lastly

i dont know this game 4 player per game... i mean i get maps are small isnt open as d2, but still it limited, and in-game communities simply dont exist. To communicate with people besides those in your friends list, you have to actually come to the forums.

I know at least a dozen builds viable for DH on inferno, the ones our fellow "hardcore" players run. Sure they usually have common 2-3 abilities or passives but they also tend to differ. 1 spell beeing in every build means it either needs a nerf or other spells need a buff, thats it. some passives that are not used anywhere need tweaking too. but thats a matter of time and patches.

And still its like 2 or 3 times more builds than D2 had for amazon. You could lvl up in many builds and then fail a lot or choose 1 out of 5-6 and have a free cake (and these also had a lot in common).
I had never played any game in the Diablo franchise and thought with all the hype that D3 was actually going to be good. I was quite skeptical that it was gonna be good as I saw the videos and thought to myself - it's just a clone of Guantlet. I was like ok, so it's Guantlet, I'll try it with a guest account and judge it then. I played the first level and dozed off a couple of times before I came to my senses and realised D3 IS a fake Guantlet and is boring as hell and people have no idea what a good game is. I then decided that D3 would've been amazing back in 2000 or something but there was like zero effort put into it to make it worthy of a big name title in 2012. Blizzard should be ashamed of this and ripping people off. This level of design and gameplay would only be acceptable on a portable platform like Android/iPhone but not PC. Tisk tisk for shame and shame on those that gloat about this game being worthy of praise. Bah-humbug!
I think a lot of people who are bored with Diablo 3 are suffering from nostalgia. They remember way-back-when how AWESOME Diablo 2 was, however, between D2 and D3, they've grown. Their tastes have changed.

Yet they remember having so much fun with D2 and can't understand why they aren't with D3.

It's been 12 years.

Yeah you're right, there's definitely some of that. But conversely, I think the people reacting somewhat violently to this thread ("if you don't like it don't play it you spoiled brat") are in a way aknowledging that there is truth in the criticism.

If I try to be objective, I think Blizzard removed two very important things that made D2 so much fun, for me at least:

1) That feeling of christmas morning when you level up and have stats and skill points to spend. Removing that was, in my opinion, a HUGE mistake. Basically now when you level up you're like, "ok...so what". You pretty much discovered all the skills during the first hours of the game, so there's nothing left to look forward to except very minor variations to those same skills. Points are automatically assigned to your stats. Period.

2) Exciting classes. Even before D3 came out I was already wondering why they took out almost all the original or hybrid characters (i.e. druids, necromancers, paladins...). They basically left out all the classes I had fun playing, except the wizard. But I still thought, what the hell, let's trust blizzard to make the remaining classes fun. And in my opinion they only half-succeeded.

It's not a complete failure either: they managed to make the sorceress more dynamic and less mana-dependent, for example. Witch doctor is certainly original. But they're not really appealing. That's subjective of course but obviously I'm not the only one who thinks it. I mean come on guys... no necromancer! Seriously! If a class really had to go it should have been the barbarian, the least imaginative of the classes.

Of course I should at least try another class to be perfectly objective, but to be honest, I can't even be bothered. Game's been out, what... 2 weeks? And I already feel I know everything BY HEART. Every single quest. I don't know how they managed that, but I never, ever got that feeling playing D1 or D2, or for that matter any other games. It's appalling. And I can't even turn to PvP for a while to try and forget all that, because PvP isn't there!! So I've got no choice but to go on doing the same quests over and over, or stop playing.

I chose the latter for the moment. Maybe I'll give it another shot in a few months.

Anyhow, just my thoughts on the matter.
22/05/2012 02:45Posted by Araun
diablo on the other hand I still enjoy very much, it's new and exciting and I can play a barbarian that can bash stuff to the moon, so it's all good for me, so far.

When you get bored of D3, play hardcore, it is another game.
I want to make a point. First off, the game mechanically, and aesthetically is very pleasing to me. I think the level design is esquisette. But I have many a bone to pick.

As battle hardened vet of DII, I will begin by stating the major problem that I have, which I cannot get past. And this issue I have, is that the game is not giving me incentive to continue playing. As a past patron of the series, I find that D3 fails to cater to its fans which grew up playing the series, and instead switched its focus on making moves for new demographics.

Before I delve into my speculations as to why this game failed in my eyes, and I commited a failure by purchasing it. I will harp on Blizzard's probable concern to absorb as much money as they could of this title. The broad approach to selling video games is obviously taking a toll on their actual innovative content. While this problem is extremely relevant to this discussion is not where I would like to go with this.

I think a good area to start is the obvious simplification. I think to common intuition this would be interpreted as a good thing for games, making them more userfriendly. I think part of the paradox here is, the more simple the game, the less inherent challenge of the game. And in this case, where simplfication was implemented, user control was sacraficws. In such a great example, I can turn your attention to the character building process. Where gamers went from actually making unchangeable decisions, to Diablo 3, where no decisions matter at all. And I would like to touch upon this in greater detail.

While Diablo II was extremely driven by that constant economical engine, it was also equally powered by the communities desire to constantly create twinks. This is where I feel, Diablo 3 made a fatal mistake. The only impactful decision I make in Diablo 3 is the character I choose and the name. Other than those two variables, the game does not punish you whatsoever. And in this case punishment is a good thing. Challenege is that constant slope you need to face to attain your desirable endgame.

As simplifiing seemed to be the theme to deisgning Diablo 3's actual game infrasctructor. Where this sijmplification really hindered the game's replayability was not allowing a user to identifiy with his or her character on multiple levels. Twelve years is a pretty long time, althogh it feels like yesterday. But my judgement tells me much has changed in twelve years. Especially the games.

While D3 may have financially capitalized on massive hype and the past's glory days it by no means represents the resounding success of DII. And while Blizzard opted to stick to some of Diablo's memorable intracacies, I believed they chose the wrong ones. The diablo series represents RPGs, and RPGs in my eyes represent user control and user decision making. Diablo 3 doesn't deliver in that respect, and truly falters in my eyes. As it stands this game REQUIRES some type of MOBA intergration in order to be successful in my eyes. And maybe that is what Blizzard is toiling with by not releasing PvP to begin with.

But if the game stays as is, it is a utter failure. And while it may captivate some, it lost my attention in mere days. And is no representation of my own inability to accept the game, but a complete loss on the developers part to keep me coming back for more. Which in my opinion defines a truly successful ONLINE game.

Hadn't got to your post yet. Very, very true. That's exactly what I meant (but couldn't really phrase) with the "christmas morning feeling" you had in D2 when you levelled up. In D3 you never make choices, and there never are any consequences to what you do. And it's boring. Your post should be the beginner's guide of any game developer.
I have a few ideas why it seemed to get boring quickly:
1. The social aspect of joining and creating games, where every one had a creative name like "BAAL RUNZ LOL 5" or "trading SOJ 4 Oculus" or whatever. It was always fun to join those games, you weren't really trying to level but it was just fun and there was the chance of getting cool items , trading, pvping, etc.
2. Most legendary items suck so your stuck with boring blues and yellows if you want to be powerful.
3. Half the time you're tweaking the filter in the auction house in this game trying to find decent items. As opposed to Diablo 2 where you joined games interacting with randoms, some trying to scam you. You join a game and meet some new player with a really rare item. Will you chose to be good and tell them how much its worth or be evil and rip them off?
4. 90% of skills aren't viable in inferno. So everyone ends up with really similar builds. For example a Witch Doctor can't use his summons in inferno, they die instantly.
5. It's too single player focused. For example the portal system used to have that social aspect where people would open portals for each other.
Also, more people in a game meant more XP and better drops. Now it usually means worse drops(shared MF) and less XP (slower killing stuff).
I think i've read enough of this to make a reply. I'd rather be playing d2 in its current form then d3 in its. So maybe d3 will get some spiffy upgrade. However maybe the problem with d2 is that people might still want to play it. Perhaps blizzard doesnt want to be supporting d3 for 12 years.

What made me throw in the towel was the kiting. I only made it to act 2 of night mare, lvl 40 wizard. I also had about 20 hours in the witch doctor but i abandon it for the wizard after i got bored in the 3rd act. In total i spent 50 hours playing the game, so i dont feel ripped off.

games ill be playing instead:
yep mount and blade is something i'd rather play too
risen 2
knights of honor
exactly the same opinion. I can't get myself playing further than nightmare act2, because it seems so boring already. Just because mobs are harder to kill and do more damage, doesn't make it more fun
Due to constant performance issues and the same complaints as many other users regarding the game's various mechanics (especially itemization and the skill system), I'm going to get a refund as well.

I haven't even been to Inferno yet but from what I've seen/heard from everyone here or from friends and Youtube, it just seems too frustrating for me. I started playing Hardcore mode for a different flavor to the game and that proved to be fun for a while. It was the only thing that made dying a harrowing experience. The issue with that was the auction house constantly being broken in some way. I couldn't buy upgrades to safely progress through Hardcore mode with my friend because it was constantly bugged somehow. I was dealing less damage and taking too much. Items on the auction house began to get so expensive that I couldn't buy them. I tried to save gold, sell items, so on and so forth, but it just didn't matter. Only ten items at once, a long auction time, and auction house issues made it annoying. Also, you could never count on a decent item dropping as an upgrade in a two-player group that we usually played in. We only made it to Nightmare on our Hardcore characters before I gave up. Then, through recent patches and hardware/software "upgrades," the game's FPS dropped so much at random times that it became unsafe to play Hardcore. I even got to the point where my character was moving in slow motion. I tried going back to a non Hardcore mode, but it just wasn't even any more fun.

Call me nostalgic for liking Diablo II more than III, but I firmly believe the game was more fun for reasons which have been listed countless times in many other threads. I may come to regret refunding the game in the future once it's been smoothed over and fixed, but even so I can simply just buy it again. As for now, I don't believe Diablo III was worth my money.
I agree that it is insanely boring... It's not difficult unless you play hardcore, but that isn't fun because you waste a ton of time looking for resistance gear. And I still stand by my slogan for Blizzard, "King of recycling". Seriously, look at the difference of thought put into the games between D1 and D2; a vast amount of new enemies, only one recycled boss (Diablo... derp), new shrines, new gear, new equipment slots, new classes, better and longer story development.

I feel that all of my enjoyable PvE games are fading into this really !@#$ty PvP fad. For having 10+ years to create this game, I want a dynamic dungeon crawler with copious amounts of new content. Keep in mind that it took roughly 8 hours to beat, explore, and become bored with 100%. That is my rant.
It was fun like aoc first 20 levels

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