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I am having D3 totally hang/crash on me on my windows(7) version after about 15-30 minutes of play. It is not a connection or lag issue as the sound goes into a loop and the process can only be killed in the task manager.

It only started doing this once I got to the Northen Highlands in Act I on nightmare. Each time it crashes I am in the middle of spamming my attacks against a bunch of a goatman.

I am playing Demon Hunter (level 37), and using the Bola Shot with Acid Strike rune, and the Elemental Arrow with Screaming Skull Rune at the moment. I have also just got these skills so maybe its the skills that is causing the crash? Seems to hang while the bola shot is hitting the goatman.

If you want any other information let me know.

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As soon as I got out of the goatman highland area the crash stopped happening.
Okay it is crashing again.

I was holding my left click on large of group of enemies. Still using the Bola Show with Acid Strike ruin in Act II (desert somewhere).

Game completely locks up. I think it has something to do with the bola shot trying to go off on enemy that is already dead. Consistently the game is crashing like this (as soon as I hit a large pack of enemies).
I had exactly the same problem twice today. I didn't know what was causing it, my computer runs fine, even during the big enemy waves and both times it crashed during fairly small encounters.

I was also playing as a demon hunter using bola shot though, so perhaps that is the problem.
Happened to me once on my barb while clicking something (Act 1) .
Also on wizard, when I clicked on someone else banner (Act 2).
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Don't make yourself believe that is something wrong with your PC/system/drivers etc.
Just regular v1 game bug.
intresting had my first crasch 5 min ago . , im in act 2 , desart oaisis , playing party whit barbarian . i am demon hunter , using bola , acid shot . and wen game crach sound hungs up . same problem like you .

I can play all other gameds , BF3 , starcraft, and so on .

Pls help .

but i think i going to have a lot more problems whit this game . its not good any more .

but pls help .
I am having exactly the same problem. I'm also using Bola shot with Acid strike rune. Been having this issue for a while now. Is there any fix other than not using Bola shot Acid strike? Is it happening with any other skills?
I am having the same problem!! Happened at least 20x already. My framerate is grate, but when I use the Bola Acid Strike my game crashes after about 20-30 min. Fix it please!!!

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