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Hi, my problem is the following :

Windows 7
Diablo 3 installs Spanish
Change to english -> installs english.

Runs with no problems. Suddenly yesterday starts with few bluescreen while playing diablo 3 (first time blue screen on this PC). Sometime later, bluescreens appear even on windows SAFE MODE randomly. I manage to do whatever i want, but on the risk of getting random blue screens.

A friend of mine tells me that by the mini dumps info, Diablo 3 must have missinstalled a .DLL file that is causing some kind of trouble with windows DLL's, and that I should format whole PC.

So I format all PC. Then

Windows 7 --> , no blue screens.

Diablo 3 installs Spanish
Change to english -> installs english.
Play OK.

Just had a random blue screen. The message was on NTFS.sys
pls help
Im getting the same error. Ntfs.sys. They need to fix this
Any new on that issue?
Yes, I too am getting the same blue screen issue. NTFS or something like that. Every time I log into it crashes after 10-20 minutes of playing and the blue screen pops up.
Count me in as well.
Still giving me problems. I log in and start playing. After 10-20 minutes it starts to show black dots and fuzzy resolution on my screen and then everything turns black for a few seconds, then everything goes back to normal. It continues to do this until it gets worse and unplayable. Eventually, if I don't log out of Diablo 3, my computer crashes and the blue screen shows up.
Still same issue, using two different versions of the same video card, multiple versions of drivers for both attempted.

i7 965
6 gigs of ram
ati 4850hd
& or
xfx ati 4850hd

Whats the deal here?
Perhaps the computer is over heating?
18/05/2012 03:34Posted by Stebo
Perhaps the computer is over heating?

not in my case
I suddenly getting a lot of blue screens as well like once every 20 minutes and its only happened today, was fine yesterday.

OS: Windows 7 64bit
CPU: AMD amd phenom x6 1090T
Graphics: ATI 6950 2gb
I am also getting blue screens after about 10 minutes on a system that won't crash on any other game, any idea for an easy fix?
D3 started breaking hardware too? That's great.
Maybe DIABLO is coming irl?

You make me afraid of playing right now but this should be bumped.
Another reason why the game wasn't ready.
It's not breaking the hardware, it's just crashing. Software can't break hardware.
Usually (i'm not an expert) it's a memory leak that's why pcs gets blue screen or some other major problem.
Maybe my saying was wrong but still having to format isn't good.
I guess there is no solution atm then :(
same problem
I also keep getting a BSOD and Blizzard can go f themselves if they try to say its a problem with my computer. I have an i7 quad core with the latest AMD HD7900 and 12gigs ram.... I only get the BSOD when I play Diablo 3 and all my drivers are up to date.... Fix your crap Blizzard.... You take all this time saying you want to make sure the game is perfect and ready to go and companies that take half as long have half as many problems.... you would think with pockets as deep as Blizzard must have they could get their !@#$ together..... *Facepalm...
Formatting didn't solve the problem after installing diablo 3 again, so definetly it's a Diablo 3 problem.

windows 7 64bit
8 gb ram
ati 6950
Try being useful and actually posting the contents of the dump file.

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