Elijah Wood in Diablo 3?

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So after playing around and visiting Wortham for the 10th time and everytime I go there I get this strange feeling that I hear a voice I recone. So I recorded it and i'm now looking for the truth hopefully from a person who can approve this.

Was Frodo a voice acter for Diablo 3?


Starts at 0.20. Feel free to judge

over and out
The voice seems like frodo but i doubt.

If he was realy a voice actor for diablo 3 it would be for a major role
It is Elijah Wood. There are alot of celebritys doing very small voice acts in this game.
It sure sounds like him, anyone saw his name in the credits?
It's not him. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2186735/fullcredits#cast
That's not the full list.

EDIT: Just looked through the full list in the credits in-game, and Elijah Wood isn't on it, so it's not him.
You all realize that that cast list is only of all the main and more important quest characters. Lots of times celebrities will voice games and have it not be listed simply for the joy of it. It is most definitely Elijah Wood. 100% sure of it.

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