Bashanishu - Rakanishu's Blade

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How to get the achievement step by step:
1) Select normal diffuculty, then Blood and Sand - begin quest;
2) select skills that allow You to travel faster, monks can use this:!adc!abbZZZ (with a 2H weap.) ;
3) use the waypoint to Dahlgur Oasis;
4) move east, then north until You reach the north-eastern most corner of the map;
5) move south-west and check the quest hub, You want one called Shrine of Rakanishu, ;
6) if it's not there leave the game, resume and go to step 3) ;
7) if it's there, do the quest and pick up Rakanishu's Blade (some claim the drop rate isn't 100%, if it hasn't dropped make sure You are running at normal difficulty and try again), then leave the game and resume;
8) equip Rakanishu's Blade, unequip items with thorns effect and any weapon in off-hand slot;
9) dimiss the follower, don't use any summons/pets;
10) mouse over any skill (preferably LMB or RMB), then click-hold-drag away and release whatever skill you have there leaving only a basic attack in that spot (if You can't do this, go to options -> gameplay and turn on elective mode);
11) use the waypoint to Dahlgur Oasis;
12) look all around the map (other unique shamans won't mean Bashion not spawning!) for a unique monster named Bashiok that looks like a Fallen Shaman, ;
13) if he's not there, leave the game and resume, then go to step 11);
14) if he's there, hit him with a basic attack (look step 10)).

Congratulations! :)

18.06.2012 - editted step 12)
I was searching for tips on this achivement for the past couple days. I have done over 100+ runs exactly as described above EXCEPT that everytime i clear the map, I DID NOT have the sword equipped but it's in my char's inventory. I'm not sure if that would make a difference but worth trying out again...
Also note that everytime I resume the game, I've the current stage of the quest activated ie. "go through the water tunnel...oasis..." and Leah and the spirit guy are with me. I saw in your screencap, you DID NOT have the quest activated, however u've chosen to be in that particular stage in act2. I don't know if that would also make a diff for Bashiok to spawn or not....sigh

Also I did all my 100+ Oasis map clears in Normal but I have NOT completed Act 2 in normal difficulty (I'm in the stage of Black Soul stone in Act 2, almost toward the end of the act I believe). Another thing is I can't exactly recall whether the yellow glowing rare (yellow text) or unique (purple text) Shaman I've killed is Bashiok BEFORE I got my first Rakanishu's blade. I know for the fact that Bashiok is a unique (purple text) also glowing in yellow like other glowing yellow shaman I ran into in the past hundred runs. Only purple text unique shaman I killed over dozens of time is Ashanigu or something by the lootable chest and summoning those fallen fanatics....

I don't know if random unique monster like Bashiok is "respawnable" once killed by the same character or is it by difficulty or does it reset when you progressed through at least 1 primary mission. I've played many RPGs in the past and tedius things like this may be one of the above circumstances I just mentioned above...Please let me know if you have the info on this one.

Anyway wish me luck...this may probably be the grindest achivement ever, I hope it's not bugged. It's not the diffculty here, it's just EXTREMLY tedius!!!
They key to get the achievement is to hit him with a basic attack, so of course You woudn't be awared the achievement.

About my quest, I think it does not matter. I chose this one because then I would not get saved at a checkpoint of the Forgotten Ruins ( I think that's how it's called ) when passing by them, thus allowing me to leave the game and appear in town, instead of reappearing in front of that dungeon.
About Leah following You, I would not recommend doing this achievement with her, since she can kill him before You will be able to land a hit on him. That's why I recommend Blood and Sand - begin quest. To further justify the start at this quest is because some people may not have progressed far enough into the game but still want to do it. This is the first quest that unlocks the Dahlgur Oasis waypoint.

About other Fallen Shamans in the zone. There are many champions (blue), some rares (yellow) but only a few uniques ( the one You mentioned and Bashiok, maybe there are others, which glow yellow and have a purple name).

About the reset, everything spawns upon entering the zone. If You search everywhere and he's not there, just leave the game, resume and look again. He may or may not spawn, it does not matter whether You have killed him before, cleared the zone or what quest You're at.

Good luck! ;)
thanks so much for your fast replay and your guide. It's like light shining down from heaven and giving me hope! tho over 100+ map clears by now, I think I may be the unluckiest sob or extremely OCD and my DH is already lvl 28 in Normal and not even finished act 2 due to OCD on achivements but that's just how i like to play things in RPGs with achivos...finish them stage by stage and then play the hell of it after from NM and onwards in public games :)

Thank you
I'm glad I were helpful. Thumbs up for doing the achievements at the highest difficulty available.
If You have any other questions You can whisper me in-game (GrimGreg).
done it twice and never got a rakanishu blade :(
As Kumori said..i did it, killed the summoning thingies fast etc but no blade. Is there a catch? should i let the summon finish?
I've got probably over 20 blades by now. Getting the blades isn't the most difficult part. It's finding Bashiok AFTER you got the blade.

In fact in my last 3 runs finding Bashiok, all 3 Oasis map had the Rakanishu random quest.

The quest is always near/in the center of the map with 4 ways stairs.

The Blade drop rate is 100% GUARANTEED upon completion of the quest. Destroy the 5 alters, then the center big alter will be unlocked for you to attack. After you killed the last alter in centre, you finished the quest and the blade is auto dropped on the floor.
How can it be 100% guaranteed if 2 ppl already stated they did the exact things u said, and didn't get the drop....several times not just once.
I didn't get the blade the first time i encountered event, but the second, third and fourth time i got one.
I'm not sure whether the drop rate is 100%. For me it dropped 2 times out of 2 in normal mode, whereas in hell difficulty it didn't drop during 3 runs... It may be so that it's not 100% in normal, or maybe You aren't doing it on normal difficulty.
I got the blade when i first cleared normal diffuculty with my monk. Then i just looked at it and decided it is a crappy item and salvageed it :)
I got the blade while leveling a while ago, and didn't know about the achievement, so I salvaged it. Yesterday I encountered Bashiok. =[
My DH has only made it to Act 2 Normal, so all those 100+ Oasis map clears finding Bashiok including 20+ Rakanishu event finishes were done in normal. So yea based on my findings, all those 20 event completion dropped me the blade once you destroyed the final/center alter as the event is completed. I'm not 100% sure how exactly the game mechanic work for unique boss like Bashiok's appearance and why the blade didn't drop 100% for some of you when you have completed the event.

I'm not certain whether your character's progress in the storyline, currect active/inactive quest, difficulty of the game, has an impact on its drop rate.

I do know for a fact that for finding a rare house exploration in Act 1 Field of Misery called "House of Curios" for example that you HAVE to be exactly at the point of just arriving at highlands in the storyline and you have NOT unlocked the waypoint in Act 1 Field of Misery because once you've unlocked the waypoint in Field of Misery as a progress in the storyline, you will alter the spawn location of house of curios because the existing waypoint will occupy the same spot as where the House of Curio will spawn. Several other people including myself have confirmed this. If you go travel by FOM wp to find house of curios, you'll never find it, at least for hte ~50 runs for me....and after I used the above mentioned method to find it, I can ALWAYS find the house of curios in under ~10 runs..I've tested this method for at least 5 times so that's roughly 50 runs in total and finding the house each time in less than ~10 runs. I did that to buy some dyes and just to confirm if the last ~50 runs using traveling to WP of the area method proved to be wrong or just bad luck.
You have to be in normal to get the blade to drop. It is a level 16 item and can not drop in the harder difficulties; all you will get instead is a useless white weapon.
30/05/2012 22:07Posted by Wabbajack
You have to be in normal to get the blade to drop. It is a level 16 item and can not drop in the harder difficulties; all you will get instead is a useless white weapon.



By now I've done ~150 Oasis map clears and still have not found Bashiok!!
This is just beyond bad luck or until someone explains the exact game mechanic and requirement for Bashiok to spawn in Oasis.

Given the fact that sword is lvl 16 so it's meant to be found in Normal difficulty, perhaps Bashiok has a higher level requirement (we don't know) so he is meant to be found in NM? As some people said they found a unique champion name Bashiok in Act 2 NM but they weren't on the quest for Bashanishu achivement...

I know monsters have diff levels in their stats but I can't seems to find that info like we used to in Arreat Summit back in D2.
Alright guys, after 2 days and probly 6+ hours i finally got him. Blue i feel your pain as i was in your shoes until about 5 min ago. Just some info on my kill...i found him on my level 30 hunter who is almost done with act 3 normal. I was not counting how many resets i did but i know it was well over 150 possibly pushing 200. Another note is he does not have a single spawn point. I've seen videos of mutlipe points but i found him on the 1st area of the oasis(take the path to the oasis WP)near the top. What i would do is take that waypoint and just make a counter clockwise path all around the oasis. His spawn is not related to anything including the event to get the sword as i encountered him with the event not even being there. Good luck and keep trying you will eventually get him.
farmed him for about 2 1/2 hours with no luck :( found 2 blades on top of the one that got me interested. dropped every time. theres 3 purple shamans in there that are not bishiok so it got my hopes up especially one called zauhh the empty or something ( because he was in a random spawn location unlike agush and the other one which are event based) will prolly continue this tomorrow. best of luck to the rest of you
I've been attempting to get this achievement as well. I remember finding Bashiok on my first run through Act 2, but subsequent attempts have failed.

Would anyone be interested in adding each other in search for Bashiok? We can search for him solo, then if one of us happens to be lucky and finds him, others can join their game to get the achievement.
I've been attempting to get this achievement as well. I remember finding Bashiok on my first run through Act 2, but subsequent attempts have failed.

Would anyone be interested in adding each other in search for Bashiok? We can search for him solo, then if one of us happens to be lucky and finds him, others can join their game to get the achievement.

i just woke up and am going to search for him now. add me in game Dakafire

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