Barbarian build for people new to act 2 inferno

Hey all been toying around with new builds and think this is by far the best build iv used/made for act 2, theres no mistaking im undergeared for act 2, but from the start of act 2, iv gotten to the sewers after maghda using this build in just under 3 hours, it relies heavily on stuns, im sure with abit more gear i could take one of my stuns out for wrath of the berserker/ignore pain champion burst farming, but as i said im undergeared for this act and it is working for me, onto the skills;

Frenzy - Sidearm
Revenge - Provocation

leap - Death from above
Ground stomp - Wrenching smash
Ignore pain - Ironhide
War cry - impunity

Tough as nails
Nerves of steel

Open with leap (3 sec stun), ground stomp (4 sec stun), then back to leap alternating between the two, you will need resistances still as there is a few seconds between stuns and leap has a small stun range, popping ignore pain as needed, and spamming revenge every proc, i was able to take on the trash in belials room before the sewers with less than 30k hp;

stats without my shout are;

stats with the shout:

This build isn't optimal for taking on elites unless you want a 10 minute battle, swapping out one of the stuns for wrath of berserker and the passive relentless for berserker rage for a full dps burst with ignore pain up I have found works much more effective.
What type of gear are you wearing?

I have Act 1 on farm and yet have less resistances than you -- when I have resistances on almost each piece of gear.
lol...i have 7800+ armor and 13000 dps with shield and 50-130+ resi to all elements and yet i get pawned so hard how come u can face inferno
Offense is best defense, i have 25k dps with a 2h, about 300-400 res with shout and about 7,5k armor, 30k hp and im doing fine.

Some times it takes quite a few deaths to clear a pack of champions or an elite but i guess all players have problems against some combos.
27/05/2012 05:41Posted by Eefirus
lol...i have 7800+ armor and 13000 dps with shield and 50-130+ resi to all elements and yet i get pawned so hard how come u can face inferno

The 50-130 resi is why you get pawned....
I have been farming act 1 inferno with my 2 handed mace, 70% armor reduction, 200 on two resistances, 250 for the best, 12500 dps and it's going pretty easy mode in act 1 so far. I just bought a new resis piece of armor so now I have 270 min for all resistances... 13k dps. Think I'll go for one more all resis through ah or farming then go to act 2 with the special warcry boosting resistances.
But yeah going for all out dps completely neglecting resistances will get you killed in inferno.
Rezists are vital in inferno so get them above 600-700/ element, in order to tank them and others do DPS.. that works for me... but all this came at the cost of lack of DPS.. around 7k, , 9k armour, but again.. i cant go solo yet without dying o much because i lack a good dps one hand. This is my build and expect more suggestions if you have them.!cVb!YZaccZ

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