How to solo Diablo on Hell difficulty (Demon Hunter)

Demon Hunter
2012-05-19 Heya this is a "how to kill diablo" on hell solo as a demon hunter. This is the first time I get him so you will see the prime evil (hell) achievement as proof. It was quite annoying to get him down but after I figured out a good setup and learned the fight and his abilities it got a lot easier. Low geared, no pots, no merc. I had 9500 dps when I dinged 60 but only 10k hp so I had to change my gear. Ended up with 5809 dps and 22,2k hp. You will see my skills, runes and stats in the video and some screen tips that should help out.

Hope its helpful GL! :)

Wow thanks..... i am now trying this... I currently have 30k hp.. 20k dps.. still die.. ROFL
How did you get 2 primaries?
You can have any spells on any buttons you want. You can even have 3 spells of the same class.

Just turn on elective mode in the options menu. I wonder how many people dont know about this lol.
Before Inferno,
Vita > Skill.

Diablo on Hell isn't hard.

One shotted Diablo on Hell and I had like 41k hp and 9k dps.

For various reason, I didn't try to sit in the bone prisons :P
Got him down in 1st try with 7k dps and 18k hp, thanks for this build:)
In my eyes this is a terrible build, glad you killed him though.

Evasive Fire and Entangling shot is just a complete waste, since you only need to keep your distance to him, fire Cinder Arrow as often you can and Impale with bleed effect whenever you have the balls for it.

Phase 1 is just to easy, whenever he charges for you, just Tumble away.

Phase 2 the same thing, pop Smoke Screen after 1-2 autos in your Clone so he wont rape you. Burst him down with Impale then continue the autohits with Cinder just as you did in phase 1.

Phase 3 is just like phase 1. Don´t get hit by his spells, which is REALLY easy to dodge. If you feel like his rain of electricfireshiet will hit you. Just pop Smoke.

Remember that Preparation and Smoke Screen is OP, abuse it!

Perfectionist - Archery and w/e you feel like. NS or TA works really good, even SA as the last passive.
I sit right on top of him and just take the hits, Diablo as a Demon Hunter is easy.
I will have to try this, or a variation of it on Inferno Diablo. I already finished hell, but my 'strategy' wasn't much of one. Just vault/tumble and never get hit. All accuracy. This looks much more easy to do though, wish I had known.

Funny to see evasive fire get some use in the video. I stopped using that after I chain backflipped from a teleporter elite into yet another elite pack in ActII Hell heh.
I just smoke screen nuked him with cinder arrows and bleed impale, was very easy took about 3 minutes. :)
oh my god...lvl 60 and only now i learned about
21/05/2012 07:38Posted by Thelunius
You can have any spells on any buttons you want. You can even have 3 spells of the same class.

so embarrassing T.T
Unfortunately hell diablo is very easy.

Using smoke screen, even without prep you can completely avoid any damage he throws at you. 2nd phase, prep and 1-2 shot your companion, or even then burn a few smokescreens in a row if need be, after that the only thing diablo does is throw the occasional fireball, run anywhere until it spawns the circle and you win.

Strangely diablo is an increadibly easy fight, if you wanted to, you could kill him completely using the damage from sentry turret, whilst running away.
Thanks for great guide. Had some tries a late night here. so i decided to go to work next day and google him up as i boored my !@# off.

Got home and oneshotted him on first try with 2.5k dps 12k hp and lvl 50. Toke me like 15-20 min, and then i went to get my gf..

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