RIP Dirge

Tribute to dirge.

Dying in fire AFTER butcher inferno is dead. RIP dirge.

Never forget *sniff*

EDIT: (fight starts) (Dirge dies)
RIP Dirge ;(
hahahhahha that was hilarious, i seriously cried of laugh when he stood in the fire XD
RIP Dirge Jr. You will never be forgotten.
muahaha ownt by butcher inferno xD ;) ;)
RIP . Anyone got vid? id like to see replay of this =)
Legends never die.
That was redonkulous.
RIP DUDE. But it was never meant to be! Cheers!
replay Xd of death xD ;9 ;)
RIP Dirge, Witch Doctor of our hearts :(
RIP Dirge. Did you get the achievement though?
Now you just need to make Dirge jr. and avenge Dirge! KILL THAT FLOOR!
I got that achievement so yeah , progress is Butcher, :D doing new char atm
RIP Dirge. That was hilarious !!
Dirge, do you stream? would be nice to follow your way up
i could stream my leveling up.. would probably do powerleveling in normal-nightmare though and ill only stream if ppl are willing to watch ;p

/edit vote for reroll/barb/monk
From what I've seen, Dirge would be better of playing a Monk, because they can selfheal abit more then a Barb ;)
But again, S&B Barbarian got more survivability, but it's all down to l2p

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