OOM Never

Witch Doctor

This is what i use.
Pop spirit walk, soul harvest, hex and slow mobs with grasp of the dead.
first three spells got CD on 15 sec and grasp got 8, so in that time spray bats all over the place.
Repeat it over and over.

Use big bad voodoo for tougher opponents...

What you think?
i oom , but i dont care ;o i never have to check my mana , currently in nightmare works like a charm

i blow up my dogs when im in a pinch , and jumping firebals for aoe !

What difficulty are you on?
I'm on Nightmare act 4 right now.
u guys think my build would stil be viable once i get to act 4 + ?
as for hell and inferno you shouldn't use summons. They will die by one hit...
I was using this build, except I did not have hex. I used the Blow darts instead.
This build is working fine mana-wise until Hell, where the mobs don't die fast enough.
I oom every once in a while, but the build works pretty good.

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