Two inferno monk questions?

Resolve or one with everything, i just began inferno and my highest resist is 120, don't know if i should use one with everything or just stick with resolve for now and i also have only 8k dps, ive been seeing post of people getting up to 12k dps and have no idea how, using a sword and a shield my sword has 557 dps and have about 1300 dex. I've been looking at the auction house to try to upgrade gear but couldn't really find a major item that would drastically change my dps.
my hint - ignore res -stick with hp / mantra shield / 3sec invulnerable as your primary
survivability and get a blue 800dps weapon (max 100k at ah)
I dunno man.... I have finished act 1 inferno (totally getting wtf pwned on act 2) and this is what i think..
Vit to an extent is good, but its kinda useless without armour/ resist..
I used to run vit build (just under 60k hp) which got me through hell np but its kinda useless in hell.. they just hit through hp like nothing.
I found that capping yourself at around 35-40k hp is more than enough, focus on armour and ONE resist, you need to get to 350 AT LEAST. plus focusing dex give you a lot more dps =P
As long as you dont stand in lava/poision/beams etc you'll be fine.. Act 1 inferno on monk isnt actually too bad, its challenging, but doable and fun.
Act 2 on the other hand is a total joke.. Make a new char after act 1 and wait until blizzard fixes damage mitigation.

Also.. where the heck are you getitng 800dps weapons for 100k lol

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