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Plz help me
I've cleared full act 3 like 3-4 times already and still can't find Battlefield reports for Espionage achievement
Any help is welcome
I also need help finding this, last one for the espionage achievement.

Also I'd like to know where to find morgan's third journal.
morgans journals are in the first 2 parts with lighting the signal fires and raising the catapults
and no idea where battlefield reports are, searching my self
I've only found part 1 and 2 of Morgan's journals in the first 2 portions of act 3, never have I found part 3. Might go back and try again sometime.
I got the journals by accident. The satchels are sequenced, so if you have 1 it'll give you 2, and if you have 2 it'll give you 3.

I ended up exiting the game during the first quest after finding the first satchel, and then when I restarted the quest the satchel was in the same place and gave me Part 2 instead. Then the second satchel gave me Part 3. I never found the third satchel.

No clue RE Battlefield Reports. Looking for them myself.
Ah ok, must be the same as ulrik's journals for cave of the moon clan!

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