Resistance cap?

Hi guys,

So I got to act 2 inferno and I figure the only way I can make it work is to get my resistances up to crazy. I'm at 68.5% reduction now (I can cautiously farm normal mobs) and I think if I go all out I might get them to 80%. But is there a cap? If there is a 75% cap I think I'll go ranged for a while.
Can't get enough resistance. Even if you go from 60% to 75%, then the mobs will just hit you for 16k instead of 18k.
this is the current problem with inferno act 2. The mobs are what i am guessing to be level 63-4+
Look at your resistance/amour. it states that it is onyl effect against enemies lvl60 or below. Thats the problem. with ever level about 60 our resistance/armour sufferes are HUGE penalty. IT doesmt matter how much we get, 70% all resistance on paper is prob only around 10% again inferno act 2 mobs
Actually, it's more like a 1-2% decrease (Facing level 65 mobs), if the posted calc's are correct.
Right, so, I don't see any other option than top notch gear. Which isn't available in act 1.
Mobs in act 2 are level 61. Act 3 and 4 are 62 and 63 respectively.
I've seen it listed as 61 to 65. But I've seen no source for this.

Just going by the worst case number. ;)

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