Short Guide How To : Cydaea inferno solo by WD.

Witch Doctor
So, I noticed that noone posts any info further then belial inferno for solo and decided why not to share my experience. may be someone will find it useful.

Build :!VbZ!aacaaa


1. Poison darts - Splitters. Great dps tool for killing boss from really hight distance, without risks od getting hit by her poison spears.

2. Grasp of the dead - Unbreakable Grasp. Our common kiting tool. Generally you dont need it in the fight - but in cases you have some terrible luck or some missclicks, it could save you.

3. Haunt - Draining Spirt. Just keep it up on the boss - just some extra dps and mana regen.

4. Locust Swarm - Pestilence. Our main dps tool at this fight. It allows us to aoe spiders and dps boss at the same time, if used correctly.

5. Wall of Zombis - Barricade. Extra defence in case if u got overhelmed by little spiders.

6. Spirit Walk - Jaunt. Our escaping mechanism, also great thingy to dodge spears, run from spiders, from angry maiden, etc...


1. Spirit Vessel. Caught 3 spears in a row? Np, you have another chance. the horde is chasing you? Your sprint is always ready!

2. Spiritual Attunement. During the fight we would spam Locust Swarm, and use another high mp-cost abilities. just grab it, and all your mama issues will be solved.

3. To be honest, here is an option. If you are as bad as me, and u get lots of spears from boss- grab Jungle Fortitude for surviving. If you could dodge 95% of spears - take Grave Injustice or Blood Ritual.

Stats :

At the moment of a kill I got :

23k dps, 2400 armor, around 40k hp, 350 poison resistance, and Jungle fortitude. Single spear hitted me about 20-25k( mb a bit more, not quiet sure).

Tips on the fight :

The encounter is all about endless kite and dots, dots, dots. Just kite little ones, spam locust, use grasp and wall if you need it. Try to get boss and adds at the same place - effect will be great. use darts if u are away from boss and could dps it a bit. Run non-stop at void zone phase. move near boss only with spirit walk - you dont want to get all spears at once( great moment for recasting haunt and ofc, some locust here).


Afteral, fight is not so complicated ( just a bit more difficult then 1st 2 bosses fo act 3), but its definatly boring.

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