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Hey there! Bought out 2 items: orders numbers: 95652603 and 95680184. But have not received the item. The transaction shows up in my log as having gone through. How should I proceed?
Same thing is happening to me for the 4 items I bought..
I'm having a similar issue on the Americas server. I haven't received two items bought through the AH, but they're not showing up in my log. Similarly, some gold from an item I sold within ~30 seconds of my other orders (order 95811095) hasn't arrived.

Edited to add: I did have the order numbers in my log, but they were NOT at the top.

Here are the items I bought and didn't receive:

Also, something i put up for sale just disappeared. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I also brought 2 items and it has not arrived.
Same here.... great buggy game
Me too, Auction ID 95687580
Americas region

Are blizzard servers getting tested by hackers?
Same here Auction ID 95944262
America region
found same problem around 08.30 - 09.30 AM. (local time UTC+07:00), 27 May 2012
Me too

America region

Order ID: 96076959
Order ID: 96041679

Last night I had same problem, posted a ticket about it... still to be resolved re order# 91638591

Now it doesn't even show up on the auction log. Still haven't received item or money back.

Advise people not to use auction house before this is fixed.
It must be happening today, because I didn't get two my items either after I paid...bad lag? I don't know whats going on...
Just bought 2 items, neither show up on my log but the gold is gone. Earlier today I put an item up for sale and it just dissappeared. AH today has been horrible -_-

Spent 160k on these items, I hope Blizz either makes sure the transactions are complete or refunds the gold spent, seems like a lot of people are having this problem.
This just happened to me as well. Spent 35k on a level 36 weapon called 'empty scale' don't know the transaction number but it shows up in my completed log. By far my biggest purchase and nothing to show for it.
Sorry, but how can you get the Order Number for AH purchases?

Today I bought a Rare Amulet, didn't receive it under "Completed", and it ain't listed there too, but my Gold got reduced.

Tried again for a different Rare Amulet, same issue, didn't receive it under "Completed".

I have No faith that the Real Money AH will be a happy place.
I spent over a million just now, same problem. Not showing up in auction log. Calling blizzard.. blue post please?
Took the money didnt get the item wtf thats stupid

ORDER ID: 95715808
I tried to buy a Rare Gloves and Rare Quiver.
One for about 20k gold, one for about 30k gold.
Gold disappeared, but no item received?

Its been about 30 mins now waiting to receive them, but nothing?

How do you tell what the order ID is so I can put a ticket in on it?
same problem with me
purchased 3 items on auction house, the gold was spent but item doesn't show up on log or on completed(tab) of transaction.

a banner(pops up) on the bottom saying I've sold an item but doesn't show up on log or give me my money
did not get my wand order ID 96093536
Same thing happened with me with these items:
alright i spent 100k on a sword,i received the item in completed but i couldn't send it to my stash( i have checked that i have room in my stash before i attempt to send the item).later when i checked on the sword in completed it has completely desapeared... this situation has completed wasted my time playing this game, i wish diablo has a way of refunding for situations like you all have noticed it is not easy getting gold in this game, something like this would make someone not enjoy the game and quit.

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