Error 10001 and 316708, cant create or join games.

Technical Support
After finally getting past error 37 and log in, I cant create or join games.

Im getting error 10001 and 316708. How do I fix or get around this? :S
I cant switch heroes either, and delete hero (Though I have no intention of deleting any) is also grayed out.

Error 3006 aswell.
Error 3008 aswell...

Anyone else having similar problems?
yep i get the same error (316708)... blizzard how many errors do you have?
Also can't join (316708) and create games (error 300008) as well as getting some times errors on sending msg on the whisper
I hope everyone responsible for error 300008 and 10001 to live long after they berried their own children in shoe boxes and mourn for them!!!
What is this? i really wanted to play and kill azmodan and error 3000008 and 30001 and stuff........
I could finally create a game now but now my friend cant join cause he has the same errors I had -.-
I'm now getting error 10001, super annoying did you guys just wait it out or what?
game froze and sounded like a skipped record - couldn't get out - had to reboot. Couldn't retrieve hero list for longest time. Finally hero list comes up and none are playable - error codes 10001, 30006 etc - when a higher level character is selected, greys out when chosen and reverts to 0 level. For 100 bucks this is outrageous being locked into server play.

Old LOD was great - D3 is pathetic - blizzard should be ashamed

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