I need help with my lvl 32 Witch Doctor!!

Witch Doctor
Used this build for Nightmare and beat it within two days, it was quite easy, a few minor mana issues, but that is what you got splinters for.

I got nightmare with this spec
I am at hell with this spec
and i deal with boss fights with this spec

as u have noticed i pretty much love healing hex, and if u consider blood ritual is kinda op. U have a 15% less mana cost and 1% hp regen.
a spell that costs 100 mana costs u 85 and 15 life. 15 hps are nothing when u have about 10k life or w/e.

Agree with the blood ritual when you have 10k or more you dont even notice it is consuming your life. Im currently at act IV Hell (30khp) and even when i spam high mana cost spell (dire bats, zombie bears etc.) with over 2. attack speed my heal regen per second canceling blood ritual "negative effect" pretty easily. So basicly my health never drops because of that passive.

If you want to play "out of the box" in Nightmare try the above.

Spirit Walk to the center of a huge mob pack, gather all the aggro you can.

Mass Confusion + Mass Hysteria when you are in the center. From that point mobs ignore you. You can go safely back.

While you go back cast Locust Swarm (optional).

By that time your dogs come in.

Sacrifice them whenever you feel it is time. Mass Conf+Mass hysteria, has all mobs gathered in a few sq meters. Each mob get the blast damage from all 3 or even 4 dogs. That is 200% * 4 times. Elites fall like flies. And if they do not, at least 2 more dogs probably spawned from last sacrifice and are ready to explode when you see fit. IF locust has not finished the job.

Currently rushing through Nightmare act 3 with this build.

However for bosses you better follow a dps spell + pet builds, there are plenty of those.

Enjoy my build while you can, it seems no matter how extremely effective it is now, at Inferno is useless, at least from what I read here.
I run throu inferno with this build


And I'm still using it in Hell Act2
I am playing around with some of these, because I keep dying in Act II which is driving me crazy. I am level 37 so I am not sure what to do besides get more damage since it is only at 450 right now.

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