AH and Bots already present?

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I also noticed today, prices just skyrocketed to few millions, I don't have so much money, so I am going to skip :)
I love that the whole "always online will prevent hackers, botters and provide a more safe and entertaining enviroment" is panning out so well..

GJ Blizzard, you show again why you are the best in the industry.

Top notch work!

What is even better is the RMAH, that thing just blows my mind.

Now we dont have to visit the goldsellers websites anymore!!
GJ.. items delivered directly in the game for cash, no reason for the players to play the game at all.

I think you need to make a Wall Street edition of D3 though.

Just a pure RMAH interface nothing else for the people who find money and investment in a dynamic market fun.
Glittering ring of pain, 71 dex, 14% extra gold - 4 of them for 10 Mil each. Gold laundering items?

Temping to run round all the merchants to find the same and post it to scam the sods :)
Bots have become rampant in WoW for over a year now, nothing has changed so I doubt they'll do anything.
I like how all good and very cheap items get bough within seconds..
You even see many pages that has been bought?
whole lists of crap items has been sold :S

Way to go blizzard.. Let the botters use the Real life money Auction hall ;)
Everything that is cheap will get expensive,
And the botters are probably filthy broke irl.. But now they can get rich!
I've noticed that too, 500 000 items with certain stats get instantly bought out and reapiring for 5 mil.Its retarded.

Well thats what you get wen you make a game entirely based on the AH.

Blizzard really !@#$ed up this time.This game is a mess.

They ruined the game people have been wating for years just so they can make as much money as possible on the RMAH.

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