There was an error creating your own party. (Error 1)

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There was an error creating your own party. (Error 1)

In a single player game? Friend quick joins disabled?
WTF? I had 5x Nephalem valor and was on Asmodan!

Please make a grace period on Nephalem valor. Loosing your hard acquired buffs like this is just a lame way to make players drop less loot!

Apparently only people who are not in a party are affected.

I was in a party today and I was able to continue my game. Though chat is down.
ditto, except was on diablo.
They better compensate us in some way for all this downtime!
me too
You know what... im getting sick of this game.
Samething happened to me now!
happened to me too
Just logged now, and got same error.
same error just happened here too :( damn annoying with all thoose errors >:(
same here, servers still in beta, diablo 3 working servers coming soon!
just keep hoarding the log in server
Same here. Was mid game and got kicked. Logged back in to this error message.
Aye, got it right now
Isn't it the first online game Blizzard released ? OH WAIT NOOOO, THEY DID WORLD OF WARCRAFT TOO, I almost forgot.
How can you be so incompetent ?
Got this error while farming with 5 nephalem!!! And now I can't even play. Receiveng this error right after login
also 5 buffs and on pigmy kill I just got kicked with that error =(, sarcasm ON - blizzard sure was serious about making this game realy hard - sarcasm OFF
same :/
same issue
same here. and now i cannot log back in

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