Ranged Barb Inferno Build


You need on gear:
Reduce fury cost of weapon throw
+ movement speed
high crit chance and damage
+max fury
2h weapon
high strength

How to use:
Max out your fury before combat
Slow enemies and spam weapon throw while making tornadoes and kite while keeping up your shouts
Epic Barbarian...

That's the way a Barbarian is meant to be played exactly...

keep it up Blizz
That's some epic shiz.
I like this build but I would change the passive and add the "weapon master" so I can get +10% crit chance.
I concur with the last post - my barb has nearly 50% crit, over 30k dps but also with 250% crit dmg, yes, I suggesting using a deadly or somethingother weapon for that. With ancient spear doing over 100k dmg on crits and healing for 60% of that, along with the resets and slowing whirling axes I have to say being a Ser Axelauncher is a rather good idea. Reducing fury cost to 10 of the throw axe then regaining 29 fury on every crit (this is doable with 2 skills) means you will be throwing axes until teatime, the next day. Alas, if only my latency did not bother me so, Id be making minion kebab every 10 minutes.
Still playing around with it my updated build is http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#fiXgUk!ZYf!aYZaZc maybe spear is a good idea for self healing yes.
I played it like this on hell.

Weapon throw spam. I plowed through everything.

Although I had to change my build on inferno because my gear wasn't enough. And it gets alot harder to kite elites.

But yeah, it is doable. Despite going against the very foundation of barbarian, it is fun to play.

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