Rakanoth on inferno. Need some tips.

I need some tips how to beat this sucker, atm he seems quite impossible with the gear I have.

I have like 13k dps,45k hp,1000res to all- I also have string of ears. And still he hits me like a truck. Also have a defensive build.
He is quite easy when you have enough res and LOH. You didn't mention if you have LOH with your items do you?

If yes try this build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WVXRUk!bVU!ccaZZc

If no get some LOH pieces! :D

The tornadoes tick like 2-3 times per second and does a very good amount of healing especialyl because you can run around him having 4 tornadoes hit at the same time+some extra kiting if needed.
I don't really think you can outlast him, he'll hit you like a truck almost no matter how good defensive gear you have. I'd try to go zerg mode.

Okay, maybe if you have a lot of LOH.
Ye, I Dont have a single item with LoH. But it feels like that doesnt matter at all there. Cause he hits so bloody hard that i prolly need like.. A LOT of LoH.

And I have way to low dps to zerg him. Guess I need a DH or something to boost me, derp.
He is one of the gear checks for barbs in this game dont expect to kill him without being very good geared.

You can kill diablo before you can kill him so stupid....
Haha I got boosted now by a monk. He didnt go under 90% Hp. WTB monk survival.
Ye monks with barb shout = OP xD
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLBTE-6JakI&t should answer how to do it, apply the same strategy.

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