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Good day people wandering the forums,

As by now is well known ( I think ), if you get "error 8x" you have a key limited to a specific language, and you are using a client from another language.

First of because people seem to think this is about 1 forum post, IT IS NOT....

Source 1:

Source 2: (in german)

source 3: (en but for korea )

Second it is not restricted to the RU keys ( people getting 82 )

Pls read the full story before concluding! and have a nice day! :)

Alot of people on the this forum, and other forums think this is because people tried to get a very cheap RU key, just because they are cheapa*ses. The fact of the matter remains that alot of other people are affected aswell. Not everyone was out to buy a cheap key, alot of people abroad just bought a physical copy to have the dvd-rom on their shelf. Alot of people were unable to buy the game as Blizzard did not supply enough dvds or keys for the EU languages, so people opted to find another key digital. As the price of a physical copy in for example the Netherlands is only € 45,95 ( follow link to a LEGITIMATE BLIZZARD RETAILER FROM HOLLAND! ) :$s=diablo

from a Blizzard controlled retailer, they will not buy the game for € 59,99 from the Blizzard store. Pls also note that the physical copy and the digital copy in Brazil, and Mexico for example have the same price , but still people are getting error 8x. Why only because they have the game key of a physical box!!

a guy from Brazil:

WOW... I Love Blizzard
I called to the Support in Brazil and I heared a nice thing:


now, Blizzard, I don't want to play as a Arcanista ou Caçador de Demônios ¬¬

another guy from Brazil:


This is ridiculous, i downloaded hours and hours just to play in the english server and now this error 81 apears, come on, u cant be serious, u not willing to lose a player just cuz u wont let him play in a diferent language.
And just for the record there is no place in the box that says the game is language locked(it says u get a DVD in portuguese language but it doesnt say nothing about the in-game or the game language), and in my account page it says the game region is global, so why cant i play in english, its so ridiculous, it changes nothing to the in-game experience, nor for the blizzard management, we will be playing in the same server so it changes nothing, nothing at all, besides the fact you are pissing a lot of people for nothing, especially those like me that live in Brazil and payed the same price the internet guys payed just to get a box.

Come on blizzard please do something about this.



a guy from mexico:

blizz.. why does the latinamerican version (and others) have limitation... we paid the same price as the digital
so... is our money worthless?? do we have to play on spanish because you asume we can't speak other laguages??
if it is... that's pure racism...

another thing... you were the ones that chose to sell the "limited" version in south america... absolutely NO difference with the "complete"... you said that we should check the box.. but all it says is " Diablo III Authentication key, Standard Edition - MX"
3 gust pass came within the box... everyone of them says "guest pass"
so now i ask... why did you unilaterally left us out of language selection??
the game still has the option to change the language, we can download everything... so why??

So people set out to search the internet for keys ( if you just google diablo 3 cd-key you will get alot of response ). As prices were ranging from € 30 - € 59, they thought to their selfs "let's buy a cheap key as all keys should be the same". You would have done the same thing, especialy if you didn't have a lot of money. Alot of people even bought keys for the FULL amount of money as they believed " If i pay full i will have a good key " as they are ( or were ) Blizzard fan boys ( like I was ).

Blizzards Only response to our cries, were see the FAQ, or you need to buy a new key.

I hope this clears up some things for people as i have been following this almost from the start. If you feel wronged maybe let yourself be heard, through any kinds of means, like FB, Twitter, Reddit, Kotaku, Your local media, IGN, Gamespot, etc. you name it, you do it.

Here are some links you may want to visit: @Diablo, @BlizzardCS, or @BlizzardCSEU, or or - new gamespot link as the other was closed already

Dutch Media post:

French blog post:

Portuguese blog post by pipoca:

I hope i'am correct pls forgive me as i don't speak portuguese,

A consumer review site:

Also take a look at " More than 3000 people already signed up "

Forums threads discussing this issue:

If u find more threads, or links should be provided pls post in this topic, thank you in advance.

Hey, this is new, can anyone confirm?

I received this, because I said I payed full price (99,90BRL) for the physical copy:

"The price for the full version would be 121.47BRL

Account & Technical Services Rep Meistriael
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment
1-800-592-5499 Hours: 7am - 8pm Pacific Time, 7 days a week"

O.O u do not know if this is true, but it would be very awkward. It could be true as 124.47BRL is USD, but as it stands the EU version multi language, physical is lowest price ive seen about 45 euros and the blizzard store price is 60 euros ( about 5x and 75 USD ). Still it strikes me as odd, if more people could pls respond!

Well as it stands the Blizzard represntative lied, why? because their own press release states that it will be sold on their site for 99.90 BRL, as seen in the next post about Collectors Editions.

El precio oficial publicado por Blizzard ha sido siempre: U$59.99 para la edición estándar y U$99.99 para la versión de coleccionista (tal vez estoy un poco errado en los centavos). Parece ser que Amazon está aprovechando el cuarto de hora, pues el CE se agota rápido. U$99.99 U$99.99 U$99.96

...Diablo III will be available for Windows® XP/Windows Vista®/Windows® 7 and Macintosh® at a suggested price of $59.99 USD for both the retail DVD-ROM version and the digital version sold directly from Blizzard. A special alabaster-white Collector’s Edition, sold exclusively in retail stores at a suggested retail price of $99.99 USD...

...Las versiones traducidas al español latinoamericano y portugués brasileño de Diablo III estarán disponibles para Windows® XP/Windows Vista® y Windows® 7 a un precio sugerido de $99,90 BRL/$799.00 MXN/$29,990.00 CLP/$260.00 ARS respectivamente, tanto para la versión física en DVD-ROM como para la versión digital que Blizzard venderá directamente....

As it stands, Blizzard will not reply to us. I just wanted to state, there IS a FIX, only do you want to go to the exploit part of things?? Or do you want justice, and get the game you paid for ? STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!

some media have picked up on the story:

Folow them on twitter:!/search/realtime/

and a french site also found our story:

If this link below does not work go to the site and search "Blizzard Removes"


first official reply on a forum by Blizzard employee:


Why are you posting this in the Technical Support forum? There's nothing we can do in here for you about this.

To get a refund if that's what you want, contact our Billing Department. If you just want to voice your opinion, that needs to be done in our General Discussion forum.

Billing representatives are on hand to take your call between 7am to 8pm Pacific Time, 7 days a week at 1-800-59-BLIZZARD (1-800-592-5499). Customers in Australia should call 1-800-041-378.

Customer Support Representative

LOL!! started some new threads in General discussion! <- deleted -_-'

Blizzard you know about this issue, and I keep finding more, and more, and more about this. You have locked a lot of people out of their game. why ?? Please respond!



P.s. Blizzard Posted in the weekend ( on US forums ) that it would be possible to upgrade you account. As for as I know this is not possible. Sorry for your inconvenience

P.s.s. I am not a official Blizzard employee, nor am I affiliated with Blizzard in any way, but buying their games.

another link adedded edited top and bottom forum links, on US-EN and one DE, added blogpost link, added d3language issues to links, added physical vs digital copies arguments, and sources. Added some more links!!! added another quote added screen shots "blizz employees" stating MULTI LANG. key
now i try this fix guidexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxl please try and write if is good

plz remove your reply cause you'll get the post deleted....
Pls keep us updated thank you for trying :) also in one of the forum threads there was a "fix" but i think i will get banned if I post it right now, and would like to keep people updated on the situation, as I believe Blizzard should "fix" this them selfs :)

Also I do not believe in that kind of game exploits, but understand your frustration, If you would pls remove the link though as we will probably be removed from this post else

Thank you in advance :)
have you correct code for english speaking ? because it's a fix guide for german
srry but bump I would like to keep ppl well informed pls sticky!
Well summarized, but you won't get a sticky. They are ignoring this probkem.
I don't believe they are ignoring it. I think they haven't suspected it to become such an issue for some many customers around the world and trying to figure a solution. Still let's try to sticky the post so new people having the same problem can get some decent information about what's going on.
now i try this fix guidexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxl please try and write if is good

plz remove your reply cause you'll get the post deleted....

Who cares?

Blizzard's silence is very annoying.

Right now it's better to use illegal fixes than playing the game in russian.

Besides, if Blizzard doesn't come up with a solution (a real solution) there will be many hacks around the Internet to change language.

We are not the bad guys here.

spazeneko, thank you for this thread.
I never said that those fixes are bad or not understandable but it would be a shame if this post gets deleted because it contains this link. I think that people interested can find "other" means to unlock languages. It's just here we keep our good faith in Blizzard

plz remove your reply cause you'll get the post deleted....

Who cares?

Blizzard's silence is very annoying.

Right now it's better to use illegal fixes than playing the game in russian.

Besides, if Blizzard doesn't come up with a solution (a real solution) there will be many hacks around the Internet to change language.

We are not the bad guys here.

spazeneko, thank you for this thread.

Not only many hacks, bad press and they loose potential customer and may get a conflict with some laws ( I heard something in brazil protects in these cases )

They just failed hard and will pay for it


If you get error 82 complain public. Blizzard does not care what bought customer say. They care about the customer who still want to buy.!/@BlizzardCS
no problem i just want to keep people up to date, and this matter resolved in the best way possible. Alot has happend, and "no one" is at fault..... this is not possible mistakes were made, and should be rectified. Don't get me wrong I can very well play the game, but what will stop Blizzard from doing some thing to my account next time. I have my key from a physical copy aswell. But if Blizz would pull a stunt like this on me I would throw my copy into the ocean! and never touch it again and convince all my friends and aquintances to never buy a blizzard product again!

also I googled a key for a friend, and he wound up in the same situation.
srry just bumping again as this thread does not get stickied but clearly is a need for!

I do actualy have a little update, People on US forums say the "exploit" works, still i would advice against this as it is illegal, and probably WILL get you banned.
10/06/2012 13:26Posted by Fala94
now i try this fix guide please try and write if is good

your post has been reported !
yeah i saw it 2 i already copied my text for this same reason if they delete the post the original post will be respawned
10/06/2012 15:38Posted by Erevos

By the way if you found the info in this summary usefull pls req for a sticky!@

at least a temp one blizz pls!
So anyone got any refunds from they sellers yet? Intkeys has ignored me completely but maybe Paypal can do something.
They offered me half the price of the product to share the loss.... That's all i could get

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