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Generally diablo 3 allows u to manually switch gear whenever u feel like it. Im pretty sure thousands of people use such kind of external macros to do it easier. They even randomise em so they cant be caught by warden. I would like a blue post regarding this issue for the following reason.When a huge % of players use this to switch gear and use mf gear for example before taking a kill, it kinda enforces those who dont to actually do it as well. So we need an official answer about these specific macros so we know if its illegal or not. I mean if its illegal and they gonna start banning, they will have to ban thousands of people that dont even know if that is gonna get em banned or not. Like every stream u watch, the player switches gear with macros. What i suggest is blizzard to implement this feature in game so we can switch gear during fight with diablo 3 interface.For example u might want a different set depending on the enemy. Or if blizzard believes gear changing should not happen, then they should make it so u can switch gear only in town or something. At least blizzard should protect its costumers from using mods and getting banned by doing it because all do it and publish it, enforcing many others to start doing it.
i found this in us forums "Source:

Asker: I'm using a clicking macro to quickly change gear. Specifically, there are 8 pre-recorded right clicks that are automated.

Is this against the terms of service?


Their response:

Hello there! I thank you for contacting the Game Master Department, and do apologize for being unable to discuss this ticket with you directly.

There isn't a Macro set up interface in Diablo 3, but there are hardware devices, like the SteelSeries Diablo 3 Gaming Mouse (available through the online store) that allows macro setup. If you have a similar gaming mouse that offers the same ability to set up macros, then that is perfectly fine, but if you've somehow been able to force a macro in game where there is no ability to set up macros, that is against our Terms of Use, and I would highly recommend discontinuing the use of such macros, and refrain from setting up any others.

I hope this answers some of your concerns, but do reply back to this ticket should you have any further questions!


So its legal to use such macro using a mouse that supports this feature and it seems illegal to do it by using a script? I dont really see any difference.
The way i see it , you can simply use a script , and if you get a ban , you can just say you had a steelseries diablo 3 gaming mouse.No biggie.God Dayum greedy sob's

I guess that mean i can script whole ash farm event onto my Sidewinder X4 macro button and it is legit!
The fun fact is that in the end Autoit/AHK etc uses the same Windows API that the drivers of the 'scriptable mouse' does. Esentially there is no difference whatsoever for the game.
Yep i'm interested in that to. But otherwise why doesn't Blizzard just add another set/tab for equipment(if ppl remember that d2 had but only for weapon slot) where you can put mf/gf gear or in future pvp gear as a quality of life upgrade.I mean high lvl players are doing it anyway and noobs are mimicking them.So basically everyone is doing it and it's not a exploit or cheat so why not make our life easier.
Were there any bans for macros for gear switching?Can we eventually have an answer from blizzard?If none was banned,is that an open tolerance for this issue?

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