Confused over why Nether tentacles are good

Demon Hunter
Just want an explanation to why its so good. (Only 57 atm)

Ball lightning does insane AOE - and can hit several mobs twice or more.

Frost arrow does more damage and has CC.

The fear and stun on crit seems imba for Inferno - as you can chain stun elites with high crit.

Life steal is useless on Inferno as everything 1-hit kills you anyway, yet people say Nether tentacles are imba which has a lousy 3% lifesteal?

Would just like clarification as to why NT is the "bomb" :P
Very high dps compared to other options, especially on slow/large hitbox mobs and nicely grouped stuff. The thing floats along and can hit the same enemy several times.
Nether tentacles hit big monsters 2 times.
They also work crazy good in conjunction with sharpshooter, since you loose the crit buff 1 second after you land a critical hit.
But ball lightning is also slow moving and hits mobs 2-3 times per shot. The sharpshooter also applies to BL the same way as NT?
erm... must say I've never tried ball for longer than 2 packs so I can't compare from experience. they look similar from description (except the description doesn't describe speed/diameter of the projectile) and there's the 3% lifesteal.
Ball seems to hit for alot less atleast, but over a significantly larger area. Tentacles is retardedly overpowered specially when combined with torturous ground caltrops, for inferno practically every rune is viable except ball lightning and frost arrows, ball because its single target damage is just not high enough and frost because, well just shoot nether with a cold damage weapon. Fearskulls is great but you will probably need to bring Impale to be able to kill bosses
I'd also like more opinions on this. I hate NT, its ugly and not why i picked a dh, but its by far the best ability for farming and bosskilling, which is annoying.
Ball lightning does less damage for some reason (even though it says it does the same)

Frost arrow is nice but again does less damage since tentacles hit twice

Fear is unreliable as mobs will often be spread out, and then you will fail to fear a single one and it comes and farts on you and you die. Stun on crit, even less reliable
Fix the look & feel on NT, and I'm a happy DH. God it's ugly and feels so wrong.
It seems to behave less like a missile and more like an AoE DoT effect. Trry shooting at a chempion with missile dampening on it; I've seen them drop from 100% to dead (on inferno) in seconds, with a bunch of tentacle balls stacked on top of them.

The larger the monster is, the more damage it takes from hte ball. The buncher is hit 3-4 times. Belial phase 3 is hit so much you can kill him before his first breath in mediocre gear...

On the other hand, sometimes, if a monster moves fast enough, it can walk straight through a missile and take no damage, which is pretty annoying.
Fix the look & feel on NT, and I'm a happy DH. God it's ugly and feels so wrong.


I wish they would make them so they look like tentacles - rather than just a ball of crap with wavy lines coming out of em.
Maybe because ball of lightning does lightning dmg while NT does weapon dmg (guess is physical) and mobs have higher resists to that type of dmg?
I still use Frost Arrow. !@#$ NT.
NT scales incredibly well with Sharpshooter passive. Basically, if you have 100% crit, and the first ball is shot, it will crit on everything BUT until it does you still have a 100% crit chance. This means you can fire off several black balls of death, until the first one hits something, and all the balls you shot up until that point will have a 100% crit chance.

I kind of prefer Ball of Lightning. Used it all the way while leveling, and SS passive works great as well on that, but for some reason it hits for a lot less, almost half, even though it says it deals the same damage.
Nether Tentacles has full pierce (it continues straight through any ammount of creatures) and a HUGE AoE.
As for it hitting twice, I dont know which "big" enemys that would be...
And the lifesteal is never noticible.
But its just so good at plowing down packs.

People keep bringing up the Lightning Arrow, I tried it over a day. It just doesnt compare, it has the full pierce, but the AoE is so small. And similar to NT lifesteal, the stun effect is so short its not even worth mentioning.

Frost Arrow however, is really nice. It slows on every hit, making it incredibly useful against champion packs. However it does not pierce, it scatters as it hits its first target. So against a horde of monsters, you will only be hitting a handfull in the front.
well, let's just stay i start giggling like a schoolgirl whenever i see a champion pack with the dampening shield moving in
run next to him,start spamming nether tentacles,collect your loot 1-4 seconds later.
Fix the look & feel on NT, and I'm a happy DH. God it's ugly and feels so wrong.


I wish they would make them so they look like tentacles - rather than just a ball of crap with wavy lines coming out of em.

Haha this made me lol :D "ball of crap with wavy lines" lmao

1+ !
NT hits a lot of bosses multiple times (at least once if you hit, sometimes 2 or even 3)

So while I'm a Lightning Fur... I mean Frost arrow lover, NT is just so much better when trying to kill bosses, because its 'dps' (god i hate this stupid misleading term) over 1 shot has the potential to be more than a single frost arrow shot, making frost arrow useless unless your not running an optimal build.

NT needs to be nerfed to not hit more than once, OR the DH abilities that can only hit 1 enemy once need a buff in damage, otherwise, why would you NOT use NT?
I just oneshot a very large champion with the "slow missiles" thingie, my NT hit him for 7-8 million all in all
Ball Lightning has greater AoE but it hits for less than NT - idk why, the tooltip shows 155% damage of both runes, yet my BL hits for 15-20k, NT 25-40k

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