Rip 60 Witch Doc, Spirit Vessel MIA?

63 hours into the character I was cornered by 3 elite fat 'Blight Raythes' (the big round tank mobs). Plague and Desecrate, and something else, nothing too bad but I was taking them seriously.

My monk friend and I were just screaming through act 3 hell but I wasn't taking chances and kept spirit walking for health. Then I got stuck in this corner with 6 seconds on spirit walk cooldown...

"Hey I am going to sprint out of this corner when spirit walk comes of CD." 5 seconds on spirit walk CD a descrate and plague start ticking on me.

4 seconds on spirit walk cooldown, I pot.

3 seconds on cooldown, these are the longest seconds of my life.

"I am going to run out when spirit vessel procs." I just started spaming spirit walk and clicking on a nice empty doorway to run through the second I entered the spirit realm from either spirit walk or spirit vessel proc.

Then I was dead.

No extra second, I didn't move, no spirit vessel debuff. Just an empty place in my soul.

It was a damn good ride though. My first Hardcore character and I made it to 60!
sorry for your loss bro. We all gonna die sooner or later so take it easy :-)
rip :(
RIP see you at the pearly's when i die
RIP. My Monk "Partypope" died yesterday, while farming Inferno Act 1 before Skeleton King.
Some flying beats in dungeon with blocker, firechains, these red pools on the ground making damage (dont know their english name) and a 4th affix.
But Witchdoc nios on his way for revenge. Made it to 29 yesterday.
Died my WD just a sec before in inf A1.

Spirit Vessel didn't work :( (didn't switch on at all this time...)
RIP :(
Hm I have just started my WD and I was going to rely on spirit vessel. Do your reports guys mean that it is buggy and does not trigger when your dead or?..
RIP, bro.
Don't know exactly. Asked more of my friends and said they experienced it too in SC

Don't know wich version is correct
-maybe lag and didn't switch on automatically spirit vessel in time (I experienced sometimes -not often- delay in spirit walk too)
-recieve a huge damage that never survive with spirit vessel (fatal damage + more than 15%) ---> I think not that, becouse my character didn't go into spirit form, like should

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