Diablo 3 Error 1?

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Error 1
i hope it is a countdown and we are at the end
Error 1 WTF is this !@#$? That's it going to play the last 10 minutes of mass effect 3........... at least EA's ORIGIN WORKS!
First error 33 then error 37 then error 74 then error 1 ffs =(
I think just might is well sue blizzard for not delivery satifaction on the game....:0
Error 37 , Error 1 ... error everywhere :-)
all log into the US server
Got dc'ed with error 1 and now I still get same error over and over again :/
Prime Evil ... Prime error.
Error 1 ftw
i was playing fine then random error 1 mid fight and now all i get is error 1.
To hell with this im gonna go play a game that works. i wonder if i can get a refund?
Same error .. There was an error creating your own party (Error 1).

Every time i have tried to log onto the US servers I have experienced no problems at all, but in Europe there are constant error messages and disconnects for long periods.

It would be nice if Blizzard would give a bit more information as to what the issues are that are affecting the Euro servers and when the problems are likely to be fixed. All we ever get seem to get is that " we are aware of a problem and are working on it".

When it is fixed, albeit temporarily there is never an explanation as to what was wrong and if it is likely to re-occur anytime soon. A bit more feedback would be nice .
Inferno mod is easy, error 1 pwns all.

Fu Bilzz, give me back my money...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsqUZkmO-zk once more!
How long this sh*t will happen again and again?
BLizzard what again? New error every day. What error you give tomorrow.
Hi. I just waited 12 years to play a game that I can not play.
Same thing here.

Just have patience. Blizzard will fix it. It's not like they don't want to; it just takes time.

Sticky request!!!! Yo blizzard... if any other company used your business model, they would get sued to hell and back. The state would even go into act. and say.. no no.. you cant do that.. :D how the hell are you able to continue this form of "service" and still exist .. its mindblowing :D i need to know this one secret so i can start my own business, make money and not care! :D

And ill distrakt EVERYONE with errors from 1-2.500.001 ! ;) many with same error kode!

On a more serious note: I have chicken.

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