Where do I find again The Veiled Treasure Portal?

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Well we were in desolate sands yesterday with my friend. We activated a portal by talking a NPC and then we entered the dungeon. But we couldn't make it.
And I've searched again and again. But there's neither NPC nor portal.

What's the rarity of the portal.
For Instance. 1 of 20 games.
I have seen it twice so far in all my games I played. Made it once in nightmare, the other time it appeared in inferno, I hoped for the best but it didnt work lol
I think it's just one of the 10 possibilities you have to find in Desolate Sands to get the "Wheel of Misfortune" achievement. So far I haven't been able to open any of those portals, maybe something happens once you've found them all?
I don' think so... Cos we found it once in desolate sands, and the cave of burrowing horror and the ancient machine less rare than this. This is one of the rarest events in the game.
I hit it on the Wheel of Misfortune but it didn't credit me on the Wheel Achievement or as an individual one. Another bug?
I went back in and got error 28010
Okay finally got it. I've been using the same character so don't think I was able to complete it by changing bodies. It just decided to credit the last time through. Now I just have to hit 5 other items, including the Fowl Lair, to complete the whole thing.
I done the Wheel of Misfortune achievement yesterday. It will drive you to the point of insanity.
i think the veiled treasure zone of the veel is buged, went in there and didint get the achiev nor the wheel count eny helps?
i'm running desolate sands to find it right now.... if come1 can join me, we can find it faster!!

Add me Farias#1598
Sometimes the rare things in Diablo 3 are worth it, other times, i.e. The Veiled Treasure, they will drive you mentally insane, I have ran the Desolate Sands 400 times, came across the Ancient Device 1 out of every 10 or 20 runs, and have yet to find The Veiled Treasure, please someone let me know if anyone else has had this problem!
Did about 100 runs today, found all except two elites, the gold shower (lol btw).

Its quite fast doing 20/30 sec runs tbh, but it gets very repetitive very fast ofc.
God.... I have probably done over 300 runs with this ridiculous achievement. I finally got the Fowl Lair which put me at 9/10, but I have done another 100 runs and have NOT found the Veiled treasure, and above I hear talks of bugs and no check marks. I will end up in the paper tomorrow if I find it and that happens.
Does it only appear where Zultan Kuile's archives are? I've run to where someone posted a screenshot of where it appears and I haven't found it thus far. I was wondering if they made it "less" rare.
It appears in the Desolate Sands. If you want you can add me and I will show you an easy way to find it.
Wheel of Misfortune has just 2 spawn point, so basically get a lvl 60 pg, go normal mp0, wear 25% movement speed and use all you can to move faster then do around 200 times and you'll have your achivments. I did it. If you do that, in 1 afternoon or two you'll be done :P
40 runs and i got it 3 times....its getting very boring
I just used the ancient devise and spawned "The guardian of the Veiled Treasure". I killed it and then nothing.....Should that have cleared the achievement, or is it a different event?
Does the veiled treasure map still apear ?
necro thread but ofc it will appear from time to time
its an achievement ...
gl finding it


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