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I got home and Diablo3 wasn't working as usual, so as usual I start re-installing it. It downloads 60%, I go into the game, look at my hero list, my char that last night was lvl20 is now lvl10 and my other chars are gone. I thought it's a bug so I exit the game and start it back, the launcher starts but now it won't update itself, stuck at 0%, any fix for it? I won't even ask about my chars
i am having the exact same problem on my mac. I'm running on 10.7.4. it stays on initialising at 0% forever.
Same for me, unable to play..
found a work around: just end the task "blizzardlauncher.exe" in your task manager (ctrl + alt + delete) and try again.
That's the "work around" I've been using for a week. Works 1/5 times.

You have to do it over and over.

At this point I can play every other day, if I'm patient. Getting really frustrated.
from a clients perspective there is a need for options here. the unnecessary inconveniance of being unable to use a purchased product for any reason is frustrating at best. so many problems. have to type in password every single time game launches. cant play without internet connection. cant play without (really important) update. constant messages from some other online player in single player mode. lag due only to internet connection. can have game and progress severed at any random time due to server overload or crash. cigarettes and alcohol are dangerous to the clients physical and emotional health and have a clearly presented warning label on the purchased product container. more directly its a bad look why go there. an option to update later would be a good start. many clients would most certainly appreciate some attempt to deal with these unnecessary issues. i would gladly pay ten times the retail price in order to have an offline option. this would most likely financially compensate blizzard for any threat or actual profit loss caused by piracy or any other factor. when presented with so many inconveniaces for simply a fun 2d game a client as forced to look at rivals and piracy as options. for what ? apart from losing reputation and clients what real purpose does this online dictatorship serve. is there no other way ? there always is please find it. it will do wonders for your future business.
How do I get a refund? or should I just get a "red" because there's no "fun" involved?
anyone else getting this problem right now?

If the Launcher is stuck updating, it usually implies something is interfering.

Try restarting into Safe Mode with Networking and run the Launcher there, and see if the update applies:

If that doesn't help, remove the following folder:


C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Battle.net



Once here, right click on the Agent folder and select Rename. You can then rename the folder to Agent.Temp to ensure that it is not recognised by the game the next time it launches.
Happening on my mac. Any tips?
Same here, running OSX 10.7.4. Stuck at 0%.

EDIT: OK, workaround: Go to users>shared>battle.net>agent and remove this file.
Launch Diablo.
Deleted the agent folder, hit play, waited a few mins and it worked. GL everyone else.
I'm getting it right now. I'm using the mac client.

It is as if the updater only knows 0% and 100%, so you don't really know if its stuck or just slow.
i have vista and went to my computer(the file) and then typed in (C:\ProgramData\Battle.net)then scrolled down to (diablo 3) file opened it click setup and then (diablo3_enus) and then click (Diablo III Setup) and it will update and open up like it should,,,now only loads for a few seconds.......now its telling me i cant play at this time,,,,,, what a crock of s#!t,,,,im glad i just bought torchlight dvd rom from amozon,,,torchlight 2 release next month,,,,,no online needed,,,,,i loved the diablo franchise but not now,,, not like this,,,,,huge let down blizzard,,,,cuz this game (no matter how much you pay) will never trully be yours,,,,,you can only play as long as there are servers,,,,so when blizzard tanks or sells ect,,,,or years from now dedicates there severs to a new shinny game,,,,we are SOL,,,,,i can always play my loved favorites anytime until the day i die,,,,but not diablo 3,,,,,one day those who love diablo 3 will try to play years from now and you wont be able to ,,,your memories will be no more
I'm running windows XP and couldn't remove or rename the Agent folder. Help?
Open the task manager (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) and end the process called Agent.exe and relaunch the game. Doing this is only temporary, unlike Lurdlespor's fix above, and will need to be done every time the launcher updates. Some might need to do it before every session in which case it's probably better to rename the Agent folder like, again, Lurdlespor suggests.
I had the same issue...Turned off Peerblock and it worked. There is something running in the background that is probably interfering. Check running programs and follow previous suggestions
I'm running Mac Os X Lion 10.7 and this happened to me. After deleting the Agent folder, repairing disk permissions, reseting the application permissions, when I ran again, it asked me for my system password. Something like Agent wants to make changes. Previously, I had entered password and got stuck at initializing. The last time, I clicked cancel, and Agent ran the updater, bang. All set!

So the fix for me was: After removing the Agent folder , when it asks for system password, click cancel.

If your still stuck, this support article was good: http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/troubleshooting-initializing-please-wait-mac

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