WTS - WitchDoc thorns/life regen/MF set

Witch Doctor
I wanted to try a pet build for farming hell and put this set together. It works well until A4 Hell (except for Diablo), but the play style is not for me. It includes items for every slot except weapon and offhand.

Thorns: 6688
Life Regen: 1192
MF: 160%

This is not Inferno viable, but if you want to try a Hell pet build it will save you browsing the AH. Post offer or add me Hammerstein#1944
Just like every build it is gear dependent in inferno
Pets scale off your stats (not vitality) so with the correct gear the pets are viable in inferno

currently I have 5k armour 400 resist 7k thorns and my grag can tank elites and bosses no problem, stacking bad medicine and jungle fortitude for damage reduction is important and stinky grag works great with bad medicine

working my way through act2 but too low gear atm it seems so I'm gonna start dumping thorns and hp regen for higher int and resist all and armour
Jack I'm about to make a post on the summoner (which I promised I would try and test and post this week) you might want to read it.

I am happy to see other people persisting with summoners :)
theres some great posts on the US forums with the mechanics for summons as well


http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5271500086 (bottom of first post for breakdown of what works)

hope this helps
That gent is a god send, I spent approx 12 hours testing things over the weekend and got no where near what he did.

Very good information, it did get close to what I have been thinking and how I wanted to build my summoner.

I really want my summoner to work in act 3+ inferno.
For Act II Inferno I had far more Armor (14k buffed) and nearly the same all Resis and my pets died in the first 1-5 seconds (Dogs/big zombie).

My passive was concentrated to prevent damage and the thorn/life gain for pets.

Is there something I miss or why did your pets a better job?

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