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For inferno and partly inferno act 3 what should i be prioritising regarding stats for using a 1 handed weapon

for example what would be best to get on my weapon , my offhand and then also my normal gear pieces,

what resistance should i get , i occasionally play with a monk / barb and also play a bit of solo. what would be best?
250ish all resistance
25k health
12% movementspeed
30k dps

Get a sword or a wand with attack speed and a high damage offhand with int (+crit if you can afford). IAS is great, get it. First focus on your resist and HP, even at the cost of dps then slowly raise your dps. Doesn't matter if you're running 80k dps if you're dead. Those are bare minimums, when you're done with those try cap your movementspeed to 25%.

No piece should ever only have INT+VIT. Any piece that has no IAS on it should contain all resist/armor or vice versa. They should all contain INT and VIT. Shoes and IAS legendaries are an exception as most of them can't contain both stats but make sure you make up for it with other pieces.
well currently at 35k hp and 31k dps with the 12% movement speed but as your mentioned i have been an idiot going for mainly int and vit , will work on that now .
but how are some people getting such high dps,

also im currently using the blizzard hydra build . for act 3 is that still viable or should i switch?
Can i also add , i have a 1 handed weapon with 772.3 damage and a +47% danage stat. as such what would be priority, this wep or the same damage with a 15% attack speed?
For Act 3+, I'd highly recommend as much movement speed as possible (up to 25%, the maximum). Stat-wise, INT is of course an obvious choice, ideally paired with a secondary offensive stat such as Attack Speed > Critical Strike > Critical Damage. For defensive stats, you will want VIT and Resist All, both increase your effective health. Your goal is to reach a point where Force Armor stops you from getting one-shot killed, which is usually around 26-30k HP and 300-500 Resist All for Act 3/4. Don't obsess over thresholds though, these values are only rough guidelines. Try to have your items cover multiple stats at once whenever possible and avoid one-trick ponies. Also keep in mind that for some slots, there are legendary or set items that offer unique benefits (Lacuni Prowlers bracers especially are highly recommended); for those items, try to find some that have INT+X as their random stat. The rest you can fill with rares.

Above all, try and get a proper weapon. I recommend 1h+OH for Act 3+ but this can be expensive; still, little boosts your DPS as effectively as a good weapon. The most important stat for a weapon is, of course, DPS but keep an eye on its Attacks per Second. If you manage to find it, INT or Critical Damage is great to have on your weapon but don't sacrifice too much DPS to get it.
Thanks for the reply , mind explaining the other pieces needed for movement speed? i know 12% from boots , and what else?

also can i also ask again what would be better on my 1h weapon

i have a 1 handed weapon with 772.3 damage and a +47% danage stat. as such what would be priority, this wep or the same damage with a 15% attack speed?
Can someone explain to me the main advantage of having critical chance? Is it to activate Critical Mass, for amplifying life steal, or simply for the additional damage done?

It seems like a wasted stat trying to increase critical chance by a small percentage only to increase damage by 50%+. If the law of averages work out, you might as well just maximize intelligence.
08/06/2012 00:28Posted by Swiv
i have a 1 handed weapon with 772.3 damage and a +47% danage stat. as such what would be priority, this wep or the same damage with a 15% attack speed?

Weapon stats such as +damage or +attack speed are already included in that weapon's DPS, it's not an additional bonus. Choose based on the DPS primarily, with an eye on APS and secondary stats (INT, Crit Damage).
Get items with atleast:

30-40 All Res

Running that kinda build will give you the healt and ress you need to handle inferno easy. The target for us wiz is not to stack up defense until infinity. All you need is that much defense, so almost no hit/spell will 1 shot you. Aslong things won't one shot you force armor will work and will reduce it to 35% dmg, and thats all you need.
Thanks for the help , and cheers okaasan for the wep and stats help!

appreciate it alot !
what stats should i have on the two rings and the amulet btw? since they are EXTREMELY expensive and as such i want to get it right first time. i know AIS but what else?

really appreciate the help guys thanks!
depends on the money you want to spend and also depends and what stats you got on your other stuff.

In a perfect world you would get:

Int/vit/IAS/crit/crit dmg/resist

but depending on your needs on offense or defense i would just recommend Int/IAS rings and an amulet with atleast Int/vit/IAS
Cheers woozy !

Just trying to re-gear and resort out my wizard and i want to get it all right
for act 3 and 4 should i continue with the hydra blizzard / missile seeker build or should i begin with something else?
Since i'm stacking atk speed atm i dont feel comfotable with blizzard. The atk speed is not applying on the damage. So i rather like to use arcane orb with tap the source to maximize my dps why kiting things.
Blizzard scales very poorly at higher gear levels. I'd recommend switching it out for a build using Temporal Flux to kite instead, which can make use of all the IAS.
So is it going by the basis of switching out blizzard for arcane orb or should i just switch to a new build completely , if so can anyone recommend such a build?

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