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pfff is it down again?
I'm unable to retrieve gold from my auctions....

at least recognise this problem blizz -.-
can't retrieve gold as well...sigh
Since yesterday I am receiving error 31073 when I try to post stuff i returned to my stash from the auctionhouse recently. Is it global these days or am I the only one having this problem?
I get the same error, has their been an acknowledgement?
I am getting the same error and am unable to list anything for auction since yesterday afternoon.

Also, clicking the links for the RMAH and customer service take you to a page to sign up for a WoW account. :/
ahwell second day of loose of profit all my stuff is of the ah now and cant put anything on i wonder where they hid the camera
same here, hapenning since last night
Return of the error 31073... I can't sell Tome of Jewelcrafting.
I can't sell anything, with all i have in my bank i need to vendor it to get space for new stuff...
This is getting old.
There's no point in an AH when it's broken to the bone all the time :(
@ Up you know you have limit of 10 chars and every one of them share the stash? That gives you A LOT of space to put out items in, doub in 2 days you have wirth ah selling items in amount of ~~300.
You know (well, actually you don't know), there are alot more in my bank then just items I sell on AH and, I could buy more slots but i'm trying to save money.
Still doesn't justify this rubbish AH that constantly is something wrong with..
another server maintainence and welcome error 31073.....
I can't sell about 99% of my items either. Ridiculous.

I mean, come on Blizzard, how come you always manage to do something like this?
I hadn't had this one for quite some time, but now, oh my, it's back with a vengeance.

This really shouldn't happen anymore. D3 isn't a new release anymore, it shouldn't have these sort of basic errors/problems.
So any chance this gets fixed any time this year???
Guys, don't worry. These issues will not occur, because Blizzard does weekly maintenances on their servers with around 4-12 hours of downtime a pop. Trivial errors like these do not happen, it is merely an illusion.

Serious business: Why have weekly maintenances? The stability of the servers are !@#$ anyway, (in-game lag, AH errors).
Nuf, well said. Rubberbanding or whatever you call it, is a killer, literally.

Nothing like going back in middle of a pack to get killed.

I also seem to have gotten an annoying problem with one of the more recent patches, where the game just stops responding for about 10-15 seconds. This leads to either me being dead or close to it, or that I have killed about 20 enemies. Most likely though, me being at least close to dying.
RedDagger, I've had similar issues. It's just really really bad executions of updates I guess. I mean if updates makes the game so much worse then something is definitely wrong.
I totally agree, thing is I didn't have any of those problems before the patches. Yes, lag and whatnot to certain degree, annoying yes, but not necessarily a game breaker either.

Now though, after patching, the game has changed to what I described in my earlier post.

It can happen any time, any place and any enemy. So, if I'm unlucky enough, I get this when I'm fighting Belial or something, and well, you can imagine or maybe have even experience it yourself, what happens if you can't do anything for 10 seconds and stand in one spot against Belial.

Not good.
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