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Hey everyone,

I just got the dreaded 32015 error on the AH and my buyout was for 800k... It shows that I am not winning and blah blah you all know the rest. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this as of late, is my money as good as gone?

I dont remember the error I had but you are not alone. I got my money back after the buyout was faulty. Simply wait a bit and move cash to stash. This is how it was in my case.
How did you get the error while the servers are offline?
I got the error about hour ago... I made a bid by accident at first and then immediately bought out afterwards.. Then it showed the error and that I was not winning even though I had bought it out. I'll check tomorrow, hopefully I don't screwed as it took me a while to farm that gold. Thanks for the advice.

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