retrieving hero list problems

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I am trying to connect and play Diablo3, it doesn't work. Past 15 minutes it just freezes on the retrieving of my hero... I can simply imagine that this is a problem of server capacitance. Congratulations on more time Blizzard, 6 out of 10 times you just created problems with my free time for gaming. You are a failure and when I see game critics giving you 8.5, you should be very thankful to this, because I would give -5.0 for the disaster you brought upon your customers.
I am having the same problem today.
Same here.
Same issue
Soooo..... this always on thing is really working out huh?
Ditto here. Debating if I should bother troubleshooting it or if this is another Blizzard problem that is impacting many users...

Thinking of trying password change or clearing cache. Interesting to see how little I've played this game versus the amount of time I keep putting aside for it.
same .............this is getting really ridiculous for a gaming company with all your experience you would think this type of !@#$ would be few and far between..
Password change: no dice
Run as admin: no dice
Temp folder: blizzard folder empty
Same here, and KermEd, don't waste your time, Blizzard's problem. Well .. our problem too I guess, since we paid 60$+ for this ;) At least we can play singleplayer... oh wait, no such thing in diablo 3!
Same. Granted this is the first problem I have encountered in 20 hours of playing time, it seems like the forums are flooded with complaints of technical difficulties.
Yeah, been trying for about 30 minutes now...same issue.
Same thing with me.
Come on man
Lol, maybe they lost their character data servers. Hope they have a good backup system.
same thing here
Yeah, same problem here. I'm glad I paid 60 bucks to look at the server authentication screen...
Yep same here
Same thing here, what a joke !
Tried again. Just got error 37.
same here, now it is 37!
stuck at the hero list again for the third time this week....

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