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"This account has been suspended due to violations of service policies.
Please check the account's registered email adress for more information (error 318003)''

I log in today on Diablo 3 just to see this.
I check my Email - no mail from blizzard, nothing about this issue.

What is going on here?
Any other e-mail addresses associated with your account, like parental controls? (It's a long shot). Checked your spam folder?

Also, if you haven't already contact support. If ticket creation gets you nowhere, call them
Checked all spam , junk, deleted folders at least 10 times.Nothing inside.
I opened a ticket and now waiting for response.

I was just wondering if anyone else had same issues like this.
Ah right, sorry :S Hope they can resolve the issue for you :)
I'm dealing with the exact same thing now. Logged in today and it showed that same message. I send a ticket to Blizzard and now I'm waiting for a response. And I'm absolutely certain that i haven't violated any service policies.
same problem, been a week now still no response, submmited 4 tickets
same thing for me. This is getting ridiculous. At the very least they could give some explanations as to why the account was suspended, but no... I guess I'm expecting too much from blizz
Google brings up several hits, looks like a number of people have been banned despite receiving no email and having no idea what they've done wrong.

However a few of them have said their accounts were compromised shortly before the ban, and a number of people who had their accounts stripped of gold and equipment were told there was no sign of any compromise - put those two together, and it could be that someone compromised your account and used it to violate the EULA, and Blizzard thinks it was you.

If so, that really sucks :( At least the people who lost gold and gear can still play.
I got banned this morning.. I think its cause my credit card payment didn't go through.. So I bought it again on the same account.. but its still banned and suspended. How long does it take for a credit card que to go through the payment.
i got the exact same issue, bought it via credit card and they returned the payment the next day.. tried with another payment method and they did it again and now suspended for 25years /cheer!
I think its a credit card issue...I also bought the game...twice, because first time transaction failed and the second time it worked for 3 days and today 10 minutes ago I got suspended as well with no email. I think its a problem with Blizzard and having issues with online transactions. Cause my credit card has the purchase pending but it hasn't gone through yet. Blizz Blizz read this issueeee :)
Same issue here. Bought with a CC then banned, retried the payment and still banned.
same!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Same problem here, bought it with CC.. failed, bought the key somewhere else and still banned
stop buying your game from criminal china-hackers.
Same. Bought online. Kept failing, kept trying, got banned. I did also have a compromised account, and had a rollback about 10 days ago. So much trouble just to play a game. W/e.
Same problem ((
Bought online.
Played for 1 day.
Banned for no reason.
Same issue here. Bought with a CC then banned, retried the payment using paypal and the payment is like on queue forever. Needless to say, still suspended and banned.

Can anyone shared if they managed to fix this issue with Blizz??
I got the same problem here. I bought the game with my credit card. received the mail confirmation and all. I could played 10 min yesterday and today I received a mail saying the purchase did not go through and I got suspended and Banned Oo. So it was wrong of me of buying the game at the first place lol ? Maybe because I bought the game with a Vietnamese IP address and they refused it ? ( I am currently working in Vietnam...)

I also read in the SEA faqs (Diablo 3 payment and services section credit card payment assistance) that :

"Supported Regions

Any credit card used must be from within the supported North American region (the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand). Any credit card with a billing address residing outside of this region will be rejected from our system, regardless of your current geographical location. In addition, the billing address of the credit card should match that of the account."

I paid with a French Credit Card with a billing address in France. Maybe it is the cause of the failed purchase ?

Please enlighten me,

Thank you for your understading,

Looks like blizz found a new way to lose players lol great work

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