Shields for Monks? Or?

I have a noob question... I just finished Normal and are about to go Nightmare. I did most of act 3 and act 4 with a 1hand and a shield with some nice dex and vit bonuses. It worked great, but i didnt see any other monks use shields. Most of them used dual wield, but at no point did i have 2 equally good weapons, so i thought that just 1 good weapon and a shield would be better than a good and a not that good weapon.
It seems that the dps shown in the stat tab is a bit missleading since my dps more than halfed when i equip a shield insted of an offhand weapon, but in reallity i only loose 15% attack speed but i will now hit with the best weapon every time witch actually increases my dps if the offhand weapon was crappy enough.
What made me doubt was seeing the possible stats on a shield at the AH witch included Barb stats, Witch Doctor stats, Wizzard stats, even Demon Hunter stats, but no Monk stats. Oh, and the fact that Blizz made crappy animations of Shield wielding Monks... You know... One swing its in my hand, next swing its on my back.
Did blizz not intend us to use Shields? And if not shields, whats better? Dual Wield or 2hand? I know whats best might change at Hell and Inferno, and im interested in that too.
Oh, and while i have your attention, anyone have some build suggestions? Remember to note witch weapon setup its made for.
The only benefit of the off-hand is the increased attack speed you get from dualwielding and the stats on the item itself. That is assuming the two weapons are equal.

The benefit a shield gives is that you can get much more armor total. The best shields give 1600 armor, which is considerable even if you have amazing gear. You can also have both dex and crit on a shield, reducing the difference in damage lost. Not to mention that you can have resistances as well, which is vital for inferno.

How does it look? Like all non fist weapons for a monk, sort of bad. In the end though, you dont really care how it looks if it helps you survive inferno. If Blizzard didnt intend monks to use shields, we wouldnt be able to.
What Fenris said is mostly true, although he forgot the amazing Monk passive skill than grants you +15% Dodge Chance when dual wielding. That makes DW a really good choice, even for survivability (albeit a more random one).
But what about 2hand weapons?
2 handed weapons give the most damage but slower attack speed (and no shield obv). I prefer higher attack speed myself :)
I second Werdes - higher attack speed is better due to the way our resource system works.

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