Not receiving SMS Protect SMSes

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Same here, Nehterlands.. Provider: Tele2 / T-Mobile
UK, Wales with vodaphone not recieving any code back
I received the message now x6, but it says the code is invalid.

Nevermind, got it right now.
Sweden, provider is 3 (Tre) aswell here, not getting the sms
Same issue, not receiving SMS'es today. It worked when I first activated SMS-protect several days ago.

Country: Netherlands
Provider: T-Mobile

Edit: received one now after over 10mins, invalid code now obviously as the auction failed to post.

Why are the SMS'es taking this long? The auction fails by the time we receive them.
Sweet just received the SMS, altho it doesnt work :/

edit: working now
o2 UK not working ..
MTN : South Africa not working
Simyo NL messages are arriving 10min late, times out in game long before I get the code.
Country: South Africa
Mobile Provider: MTN
Network: Three
Country: United Kingdom
15/06/2012 13:13Posted by EFJO
UK, Three network and not receiving code.


Not getting a message. I've had previous messages in the past prior to this such as confirmation of setting up SMS protect and when my authenticator was attached (this was a few weeks ago).

Edit: After playing around ingame, I went to try the AH again and this time I got the message sent straight away.
no code
Vodaphone in UK NOT WORKING.
Also in UK, Three network and not receiving code.
Working now for Orange UK.
got mine finnally
Vodafone in Greece, receiving the text like 5 minutes after the window times out :(
Sweden, Telenor
Not getting any texts, tried 8 hours ago and just now.

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