impossible mobs? post your bad experiences

A fast already fast mob with a bunch of AOE style abilities I loath.

Fire chains

They run around you like Usain Bolt just spamming a load of death on you.
Met one yesterday in A3 ice caves, one of those Hulk beast with nightmarrish and inv. They nightmare you, charge you = dead...died a bunch of times before I said "ffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"
Arcane/Desecrator/Jailer/Frozen , pretty much any kind of mobs with those attributes own the !@#$ out of me
Already very fast base monsters become impossible to even damage with extra fast and nightmarish (yes nightmarish) ability. No matter what defense or dmg you have, they will kill you because you will always be escaping, unable to do anything else.

I would be very angry if I died to one of those in HC mode. That is basically why I dont play HC. The game is sooo unbalanced.
worst thing ever is Suicide elites ... first of all they instantly kill you, then they do not drop loot even if they are dead after self exploding..
Demonic Tremors from Act 3. It seems even without Fast attribute, they're ridiculously fast. And have lots of HP as well.

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