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It has been bugging me for a while that there are only three "Preferred Stats" options available in the AH. Especially when, for end game players, six property items become more important. Also as a Barbarian, I require items with Vitality, Strength, All Resistance and Armor. But finding those items with only three options available, can be annoying, boring, frustrating and time robbing!

So after a couple minutes of googling, I found at least ten posts on the Diablo 3 forums. I want to bundle all those posts into one post. I'm also posting this thread on Reddit and ask them to bump this post, so it becomes an eye catcher for Blizzard.

They are already thinking about this, thanks to a post on Reddit, but I believe that a little more client pressure could do well here.

Therefore, if you feel the same and would like to see more "Preferred Stats" options in the AH, please like this post and leave a comment below. This way we can make it very clear to Blizzard, that this is also something very important to us.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day.


Other threads regarding this issue:

The Reddit Diablo 3 forum containing a lot of interesting posts:
Agree, also an option to search for sockets but ignore stats from gems option! this is so important.....
I also posted this on the US forums to spread the word:
Agree 100%

You should also be able to search for preferred stats on legendaries since they drop with random stats.

Edit: Just found out that items with "Level requirement reduced by x" are listed in AH by their base level req, so if i want to find a lvl 60 weapon with -5 lvl req, i cant cap my search at lvl 55 weapons since its still listed as lvl 60 weapon with -5 lvl req..

16/06/2012 12:46Posted by GXC
Agree, also an option to search for sockets but ignore stats from gems option! this is so important.....

This would also be very nice..
I also posted this on the Diablo 3 Reddit forums:

3 slots are not enough to filter items with up to 7 stats.
Totally agree that we need the option to search 6 pref stats in the AH as with only 3 available to search at the moment it takes ages to find items you want / need...
bump ;)
Yes, Please. This would save me a ton of time. I shouldn't have to scroll through pages and pages of items to maybe find what I want. Please let me narrow my searches with more preferred stats.
I would like the option for 7 possibles (due to crit thingies) or however many properties they make the most.

It's wrong that we can't narrow the search further.

Also Damage stat on WD weapons SHOULD be searchable as it's annoying going through masses of Mojos.


- We should be able to sort results by Time left and Current bid .

- Search by item name for legendary items should not override all of the preferred stats above.
yes please
would be a worthwhile addition indeed
I support this, good addition!

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