2-Hand Monk Thread/Guide (Updated soon for 1.0.3)

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93 Life on Hit. 294 MAX Res. 1350 DPS Weapon? 2 Million

I was until a week ago a LOH-shield wearing garbage tank with a silly amount of 16k dps just like all of you. It is boring, it is not fun and it certainly doesn't make you feel powerful like Diablo should make you feel. Demon Hunters and Wizards made me feel unhappy and all my friends laughed at my silly poke mace. I could only loot pony level when my friends cleared it and they gained double the cash because they killed the special packs too.

Sometimes they would ask me to join their server so I could hold a special pack for some seconds (serenity, blind, few secs till I died with my 1.8k LOH and 1K resistance etc etc). I could clear some packs in act III and I know I could have cleared it. I just couldn't be arsed to hope for a good spawn because really, 16k dps triggered the enrage timer way too often.

So I sold my fist for about 8 million and bought a 1345 DPS daibo with Attack Speed(!). It has a basic speed of 1.31. I got some 20k rings 71dex 15% AS on the auction, swapped some crappy stuff around and for about 3 mil I got started.

I ventured into act III and I killed packs already with ease. At this time I was at about 35k dps. My friends let me join in Pony level to clear packs, do you know why? Because I could tank as long as my previous set of items (blind+serenity+some hits) and still deal damage. After a week I'm at:

51k dps, 60k hp.

I do not mention resistances, because I don't have any. Unless you count 270 res all mentionable.

Really guys, get of your whiny horses and start dpsing like a madman, DPS --> survivability. If you blast through packs, they will not enrage. You will not have to kite more then with your previous build. Trust me.

How does it work:

Buy items with Dex and Vitality. Atm I have 1381 vitality and about 1650 dex, so keep your balancing around this number (don't follow exact, experiment). If you can grab some easy res, stick with one kind for OWE or all res.

Get AS on every item you can get. Ring, Daibo, Neck, Gloves. Yes even with the nerf coming, you will need your spirit.

The build is fairly easy, you need long range for easier killing. So get Deadly reach (it punches through walls, did you know that? Very awesome for positioning and free damage while not getting any.)

Get a pet up, fire elemental. It shoots in a straight line like your deadly reach and it tanks a fairly good amount of damage. Position yourself behind your elemental. He scales with you, my pet deals about 20-30k dps I think and has my HP.

As for these skills, cooky cutter from now on.

Blind with 30% holy damage, for zerging purpose. Yes you will crit high with this.
Heal with 15% Damage increase
Serenity 4 seconds for longer zerg
Aura dodge with armor (if you are used to the build just go with Overawe 24% dmg, because you will hardly take damage if you know how to play with deadly reach + pet)
Deadly reach 18% damage bonus
Fire elemental

I have not yet killed Diablo with 5NV. I had 5NV when I started the fight, but I whiped about 30 times on him until I found out he's so bugged that you should never, ever take any damage in that fight. I dodged all, never had to heal. Took about 15 minutes. I'm sure I'll get him later with NV. Pony level, can solo too.

Some special thing I just bought today, VERY cheap. Everything in this build is cheap because nobody buys it. Is Inna's helm with 8%¨deadly reach damage, and the pants. Wich are still bugged (not after 1.0.3 I hope) but the 130 dex bonus makes it worth.


I'm thinking about changing OWE with Ytar because really, 294 res ain't much anyway and I stack fire when I can because most abilities that kill you are fire. Mortar, Chains, Desecration

Some extra note i'd like to say is get 1.50 spirit reg from somewhere, I got it from my helm aswell. I cannot mention how many times I couldnt hit a pack and I was out of spirit, 6 seconds and u have Serenity to get some more spirit. It rocks.





I hope you can enjoy a new playstyle.
So.. how do you play? you need 5s to kill mobs, mobs need 2s to kill you.
Ally runs in, I pop blind, we dps abit. Ally dies I pop serenity. I run 5 sec while summoning ally. Repeat. You can take multiple hits with 60k hp, you kill the creeps and live off healthorbs + potions.

My point is, this Thaya thread it's all cute and nice. Now every monk on the planet comes to this forum for help, reads the thread and thinks it's the only way we can roll. Prices went up 10000% and nobody can buy the gear they need for that setup. Next to that, it's plain boring.

Who is buying Dex&Vita gear without resistances, just very high dex and vita? Not people who reads Thaya's guide. It has no resistance so it must be bad. Demon hunters? Nah, it doesn't have crit or crit damage. So the prices remain low.

When you got your basic set, and can handle everything you can start buying the "very good" items. High dex, high vitality and some resistance.
Ive got 54k dps with my 1h + Shield, but without LoH I would still die to certain elite packs... How do you get your health back if you dont have any kind of LoH/LS? :O

You got loads of life regen or what?!
Healthorbs, with your amount of DPS you should be able to get alot of them. If its a lone elite pack with hard affixes in an empty room its all positioning or kite em to some creeps to get orbs. The fights don't take that long. I will not say this is easy, when I had those resistances aswell and LOH I hardly died, but I didn't have fun. Now I have :)

Btw, I don't know how you play, but with deadly reach and your pet you shouldn't take much damage at all.
Can we have a in game chat ? / skype?
I'm interested but I wouldn't mind seeing a video.

Frankly though, I myself am sick of the whole "tank or kite" mentality. Whilst survival has always been key in most action RPGs, sacrificing massive amounts of damage has not. It's a stupid mentality and one I want to break away from.

Action RPGs should be challenging yes, they should throw hundreds of enemies at you at the same time, yes. But at the end of it all, not only should you feel relieved that you killed them, you should feel !@#$%^- epic. Action RPGs are all about slaughtering enemies and feeling damn good about it.

Being a demons *!@#$ does not feel good.
I just risked it and bought whole new equip for this for about 4mil so 2mil isnt accurate.

Only Head,legs and weapon is for about 2 mil the cheapest ones.

I got 1450 dex 950 vitality 39 000 dps buffed (BoH, Deadly reach). I could buy better items but for about 2x price (I got 120dex 80vit boots 150 000 - I could have 170 dex/150vit 450 000).

My previous equip was 1100 resists OWE and 20% mantra buff up, about 8k armor 55k hp, 19k dps (buffed) 300 LoH. I could clear some packs but couldnt really just run throught anything.

With these stats I can kill really every pack (never met invunerable minions and this one will be impossible for me to kill I guess) but dont think about it you just pop up your pet, then serenity, blind and everything is dead I die a lot on rare/champs but with every death I can take down 1 add from pack and its easier and easier and about 5 deaths I can clear whole pack which would be impossible for me with my previous equip so Im not really happy with the almost 4mil spent but I think it was upgrade for me. For sure its better than spending 15 mil on 900 LoH weapon with normal DPS and if you arent lucky while u are on the way with your friends then about 1-2 mil for every dex/vit/res item. If you are rich you got 2 ways - buy top equip with rez/vit/dex and just stick with shield or buy top equip that he is saying in this topic and both will work I think the second option will cost much less.

If you are poor guy you can forgot about the first option and just buy low tier armor for abour 3-4 mil. and with few deaths yo ucan clear packs :)

With his equip it must be really easy to own every pack twice damage mean he can kill 2 mobs in pack within pet/blind/serenity. Looking forward to speak with him tomorow hope he will add me :).
17/06/2012 06:56Posted by RageWeawer
I just risked it and bought whole new equip for this for about 4mil so 2mil isnt accurate.

Going to nitpick here and say that just because it cost you 4m doesn't mean you can't get the gear for 2m.
Just did 5 NV in about 30min going to try siegebreaker and I think I will fail because of his hard hits -> the way will be to kite him off.

My stats:

(I was trying belt with -melee reduction but I will switch to normal dex/vit belt because Im getting insta killed anyway) He is right with the fire elemental tanking when u are standing behind him (TBH know this before but a lot of ppl didnt know so if this isnt working for you just stand behind your elemental all the time).

To asnwer you about 4 or 2 mil you are right you can buy items for 2 mil but I got really bad stats not even close to FEGANMOX and I SPENT 4 MIL !

I bough 2x 71 agility 15% IAS for about 50 000 real ring with 80 dex 80 vit 15% attack speed is for like 400 000 min. not even talking about Innas helm/pants - 650k/500k cheapest ones on AH and min. 1200 Daibo. Check prices and you will admit that 2 mil is impossible budget.
Just finished 5 NV siegebreaker run -


Took me about 4:50 minutes he was killed by my Fire ally because when I pop up serenity -> start dpsing he takes me with his hand and smash me over the floor -> I get insta killed. With 60k hp you can damage in serenity / run to him while he is jumping for stomp etc.. that kill would take lets say 40 seconds ?
Very nice. Currently i'm also running with LOH and shield. I very much like this idea, before Inferno i always ran with Daibo, and i LOVED it! But after comming into Inferno it just kinda forced me into high AS + LOH. I'm currently sitting on 23k DPS, 2,83 attacks per second, 700 LOH, 712 All res and 53k HP.
I can kill almost everything in Act III except for Invul Minions at this moment.

Can't play for the next 2 weeks, but really looking forward to try this out and get my old playstyle back!

Edit: One question, so basically, just kill them before they kill you right?
If you arent dying with your curretly equip dont switch to this. Im sure im not doing anything wrong and I die a lot but as I mentioned above everytime I kill 1 from the pack maybe its because lack of gear who knows.

Definetly cant kill Invunerable mins. and Shielding with Fast.
If you arent dying with your curretly equip dont switch to this. Im sure im not doing anything wrong and I die a lot but as I mentioned above everytime I kill 1 from the pack maybe its because lack of gear who knows.

Definetly cant kill Invunerable mins. and Shielding with Fast.

Hmm, oh well we'll see, and with the IAS nerf and all, we'll see what turn my monk will take. Have to study for the next 2 weeks anyways so.

But yea Invul minions are srsly impossible for me at this moment, sometimes i get lucky and i can split the minions and the boss, or just split the boss with 1 or 2 minions with it. Shielding and fast... Well, yea they are tricky too, but try use doors and such. They help alot.
If you arent dying with your curretly equip dont switch to this. Im sure im not doing anything wrong and I die a lot but as I mentioned above everytime I kill 1 from the pack maybe its because lack of gear who knows.

Definetly cant kill Invunerable mins. and Shielding with Fast.

You can hardly kill those with a defensive LoH build either anyway. These abilities shouldn't even exist. You just run around for 10 minutes killing them, it's boring and uninteresting.
Well just killed invune mobs with just kitting them to respawn point and about 5-6 deaths I nuked down their boss :P start liking this build.

Ranged with shielding is fine melee with fast/Shielding is impossible for me for this moment.

Also switched to MoC: Overawe for my playstyle (die - kill one) its better.
rageweaver can you upload your stats and gear to other photosharing website?

Imageshackus is block at our country. Thanks.

Will spend 3m for this kind of build cause im F&&%()#U*)$NG!!!! tired of act1!

here you go
DPS Monk doing 5xnv siegebraker in 11mins

DPS Monk doing 5xnv siegebraker in 11mins


Zipztab, your gear and stats is nice, BUT what has your video to do with using an Daibo or 2h's? The gear you used in the vid are 2 1h's....

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