Is there a cap to gold and magic find?

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Does anyone know? Google only directs me to gold spam sites -_-
No, but you have 13 slots, amulets can have max 40 MF/GF. Armor has max 20 MF, 25 GF.
Some slots can't have GF, like the weapon and offhand. There are some legendary weapons with magic find on them, like the blade of prophecy, normally a weapon also can't have magic find.
So you'd get 10x20 + 40 + 25 + helm gem for MF, 10x25 + 40 + helm gem for GF. The top gems are so expensive you'd probably use a lesser one, so around 250-300 becomes a practical maximum.

If you're talking about effectiveness, developers have hinted that MF has diminishing returns similar to diablo 2, where the effect of MF increased more slowly above 100%. Gold find seems to be a straight multiplication of drops, 100% GF is twice as much, 200% GF is three times as much.
when it comes to MF, you kinda need to think, is it worth spending so much money on that gear?

ive put a nice collection together, and with all my gear on I have 305%MF. (not including using enchantress with items, or having NV stacks.)

but to get that set cost me a LOT of AH hunting for good bargains.
the only item I can upgrade now is my rings, which are at 17%, but i think the max is 18% on them and the gem in my helm.

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