There was an error sending the friend invite. (Error 3)

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Hey, I've been getting this problem with "Error 3" where I can't add any friends to my Diablo 3.. They can add me, and I get the request, but I can't add anyone :S
I have recently purchased the digital copy of Diablo 3 just yesterday and got this frustrating problem...
We are definately on the same server "The Americas"
But I just can't seem to work around that error for some reason?!!

Any help would be kindly appreciated.
me 2,

and I can't finish the quest of skeleton king.

system tell me, that my d3 is a starter edition.

but I have purchased it on June 19.
Same! It won't let me get past the skeleton king....
It says I have the Standard FULL edition on my account on battle net, but in the game it says I have the Starter edition..... I don't get it...
I bought the game yesterday and have these same 2 problems
Bought the game yesterday and got this too, maybe it'll start working after the 3 days?
Why does this not have an answer yet, same deal here. Recently bought today though, guessing the 3 day wait is the fix.
I purchased and am stuck on starter edition also. I could add friends before I bought the game now I cannot.
happening to me as well
This is happening to my friend. I cant add my friend, though it says friend request sent... friend gets Error 3 if trying to to add me.
You probably have your region set incorrectly. Go to Options -> Account -> Server Region Selection and choose your region from the drop down menu.

I had the same problem and this fixed it.
it doesn't have anything to do with region, it's only up to blizzard trying to piss a lot of people off
Try downloading a new client
yo me and my brother have the same problem. it says that we have to update towards the full version which we bought several hours ago. we downloaded the digital game. we couldn't add each other nor can we get further then leoric. i suggest we all send a mail to blizzard
I don't know why when I was buying D3 there was not BIG warning: you can play FULL game after 3 days.

And this says that they know about problem -

digital purchase limited game play for 3 days max until payment verification... man this sure sux
yeah "until payment verification" but I have status complete(payment) in order history and still can't play

they took my money(I checked IT) and I can't play(use) what I paid for, there should be some compensation, I bought it digitaly because I wanted play on the weekend but now I can't
i totally agree
it's been 73 hours and still the same problem!!!
what to do???
You don't do anything:
You rage at blizzard for !@#$ing things up on their last patch, and hope that they fix things soon.
Or you can ask for a refund and go buy the game again but offline this time

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