There was an error sending the friend invite. (Error 3)

Technical Support
t's been 73 hours and still the same problem!!!
what to do???

Its been 75 hours for me...boy I am sooo upset!
4 days!!
and counting....
in the us region its not working but on the asia it does???
what might be the problem??
If someone gets DIII via WOW anual pass, just change your password, if not. Submit a ticket. It seems that they are issuing problem with changing from starter edition to standard after 1.0.3 patch.
Got the same error, is there a fix to this?
My 3 days are up, and I have passed the Skeleton King, now in Act II. But I still can't add friends, I get the same error (3), so I don't think it has anything to do with which edition you have. It must be a different bug.
If you have buy this game longer than 2 days

Try to change your password, seems not reasonable

But it works for me
IF you buy the game online you must wait 72 hours to pass skeleton king and get the full standard version if you have waited over 72 and you still cant trade/ seeitem ppl drop or add friends make sure ur on the right server by goin to option / account if that dosent work try changing your password and relog thats what fixed my error 3 msg when trying to add friends and i can now trade with users ingame

If you have recently upgraded your account, please check our blog on this issue:

If you have been waiting longer than 72 hours, please contact our Support Department, who will be able to assist you:

However, if you are receiving Error 3 at any point, please also check our article on this:
Is your friend on wrong regon by defult? Ask him to check! Hope it helps
Talked my friend into buying this game so we could play. We finally get a chance and now we can't - in fact, I can't even add him .. which seems .. i dunno


-1 Blizz, I realise this is for gold spammers, but try not to inconvenience loyal, legitimate paying customers.

I guess this will have to wait a bit, as tomorrow is maintenance all night in Aus..
Changing password is working for me too~
Here changing the password also worked...they should add that note in
23/06/2012 09:11Posted by Efective
it doesn't have anything to do with region, it's only up to blizzard trying to piss a lot of people off

Baha, if Blizzard wanted to piss people off, they'd have included a dancing unicorn and my little pony in WoW.
So are we basically saying because we bought the game digitally, we can not have acess to the full game until around about 72 hours?

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