Lvl 60, now what?

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yeah i have never really understood what would sell and what wouldnt, and what is worth something and whats not =S im affraid to say i am one of those who NPC everything i find =S i realy have no clue on what items sell for anything decent on th A/H, im fine with the WoW A/H, i know the prices very well but i seem to struggle with diablo =S

Is there any way you could give me a rough explination of what i should look for in items to put them on the a/h?

Best way to learn is to try. Every time you want to sell something, look for items with equivalent stats. Sort by buyout, and try to guess the price of your item.

It takes some practice but you will get used to it :)
There's nothing left after reaching Inferno (a.k.a. reaching lvl 60) other than gear hunting. Since gear is barely customizable (almost no upgrade options) there is almost no fun in that. With the recent patch nerfing gold drops and increasing repair costs you are probably going to be stuck. Only way to improve skills is by getting better gear and you can't get better stats unless you can find (you've probably guessed this one already) better gear. Now what was the reason the RMAH was implemented again?


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