Crafting and MF items

Crafting and Items

I would like to ask that is it possible to Craft items with a Magic Find item set.
Do I get better items if I wear a MF gear during the crafting? or it's not affected only the loot is effected by MF.

...and btw if MF does effect crafting is it worth the effort?

Thank you for your answers
anyone ?
From all the posts I've read over the time, the conclusion was that MF only affects the chance of finding (higher quality) items.
- It won't affect the items when you click to discover their properties
- It won't affect crafting
- NEW: Magic Find will no longer be considered when looting objects in the environment such as chests, barrels, vases, pots, and corpses ( Diablo III Patch 1.0.3 Build 10057 )

Of course, I don't have any proof as I'm not a Blizzard employee, but that's all the info I've gathered along the time, as I was interested about this problem too.
thanx for the info

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