D3 needs a nude patch ASAP!!

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i believe with a nude patch all the nerdrage will calm down...

forget 1.0.4 give us 1.0.3 nude patch!

what say you??
female barb ............
bushy female barb....
Go play Skyrim...
alredy playing skyrim and enjoying the japaneese moders work at max... but why not in D3 also???

can u thing anything better than butchering all theese demons nude?!?!?
tyrael's sword is broken...
Would be nice to see some boobs in a Blizzardgame, sadly they want that its safe for little children.

And if children will ever become aware of boobs, they will just explode. Right after they cannibalized their families.


It could happen.
Only if the demons are nude too. ^^
Would be nice to see some boobs in a Blizzard game, sadly they want that its safe for little children.

actually in act4 succubus already are nude in game you don't see it cause you kill really fast but go check diablofans just 1day before release there was a lot of mobs models put it in 3rendeer so you can see them more close up.
and dont forget diablo 2 andarel :D
yes i noticed succubus are topless!

also dHfemale has boob bounche when runing...

so bring us the next lvl!!
looks like using google is very difficult for OP
The most immediate solution:

Sorry but the thought of seeing that Witchdoctor guy nakes makes me feel ill.
Ceris seems using your brain is very difficult also... i was talking about official patch...not a fan made mod

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