Blizzard steals from a player

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Call the FBI!
Yea call the FBI, governments are always interested in theft because they dont like competition :D
Sue incominnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
What happened to the attitude:
'Only idiots use RMAH you are stupid for giving blizzard more money!!!'

And now its

'Poor soul uses RMAH Evil blizz takes money!!!'

and then we doubled it!
lol, its like i said before, they are cheating us.
I hope the guy wins this one.
if this is true, is freaking crazy!
Like a true !@#$.
I told you looong time ago, Blizzard is a scamming company. Would anyone listen? No, ofc not.
Leave Jesus out of it..

.. mmkay.
Post this on reddit, It should hit front page.

They'll rethink their decision pretty quick when Millions of people see it.
This happened to me from a £11 item.
Expect this thread to be deleted very soon.
Whoa, true terror.

It's good that the blizzard customer support gives him the same automated robotic response each time and don't bother to read the ticket but simply stating that they won't help him.
22/06/2012 15:21Posted by KeyChain
Expect this thread to be deleted very soon.

Then just post a new one. Spread this to all major newspapers. Keep this thread bumped.
I posted this on Reddit for you, Diablo 3 Section.

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