I played 8 hours today in Act 3 Inferno!

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I consider myself being quite positive. I am the author of the most positive thread of the week (REF: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4796870146?page=2#35 )

Today I played 8 hours - The gameplay was awesome, it was fun you know. I liked it. I was harvesting items like crazy...

Now i usually am the kind of person who can play for 15hours and still have fun - i've done that with diablo3. BUT - Not today.

I got nothing of value except a blue item that should be worth about 400k - But none of my auctions are selling. I've got 10/10 auctions all of which are undercuts, and nothing is happening.

1. What happended with the loot? I mean whats really the point with getting items if it has no value? Hmmmm...

2. Whats with the AH? Has a recession really hit Diablo?

So Yeah - Think im just gonna hang out on forums rest of the day while i wait for the eurocup match between Spain and France.

PS: I still love this game - I can't imagine anything else than a hotfix coming for this VERY SOON!

(For those who dont know what a recession is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recession)
Welcome to majority.
I'm usually kinda same except I did one full act once as farming and I CBA to play hours in one sitting anymore. WTB some equally viable short runs... (by equally viable I mean viable not like now, but with no nerf or penalty for not playing 5 hours at once)
People don't have enough money to buy anything. Repair fees too high.
The people who have the most need of upgrades are bankrupt by repair bills.
Loot in Act 3 and 4 is bugged. They will have an update on the issue early next week.

AH seemed bugged to me. Same 'sold' item was listed in search for hours last night...
Most people who said they'd quit probably quit, hence AH no longer has the same demand as it previousely did. Less players = less circulation of items on ah
Welcome on forum, where you can get more fun instead of playing D3
Noone can beat me with my game play time...

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