How do you determine the price of an item?

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Maybe I'm just dumb, but once I've hit inferno I'm having trouble finding out which item has potential to sell and what doesn't.
Also, I have the feeling I put trash on AH for big price, but good items go undercut and leave me with little profit.
So, generally, how do you guys determine the approximate price of an item?
I search for similar equips, and make prices out of them.
Well, you can not simply put it that way, because the prices change all the time.

You also have to consider the psychological aspect, people will often buy stuff that are overpriced, especially in the 100-200k range. It may take some time, but its certainly doable.

Looking at how other items are priced is not very reliable, since people often set their prices unrealistically high. You got to consider, "for how long will this item be useful", look at the stats of the item, and figure out how useful they are for the different classes.

I am personally bored, so i do not bother to consider all classes, so sometimes i might sell items that would have easily sold for much more.

But you should also consider the psychological aspect, legendaries are mostly crap, but they generally sell at higher prices simply because they are legendaries. No reason not to take advantage of that if you need the gold.

Also, some people do not like the limit of 10 auctions, but its actually beneficial to us, in that someone like me wont just buy-out a load of items, and re-list them all at a higher price.
Using auction house search. You put in the armor type and the 3 best attributes and then a max price of say 50k and search, if nothing comes up raise max price to say 100k until you see items show up thats your item price.

I would say three properties at 80% of maximum is jackpot.
Remember, it's better to sell cheap than not at all. You've only got 10 slots so make sure you don't have to keep relisting.

I would say three properties at 80% of maximum is jackpot.

yes you have to know the basics of this chart.
Basically the max values of interesting stats - all resist is 80, MF is 20, GF is 25.
Especially the stats that only occur on a few items, like crit%, crit damage, life on hit, those count.
Wizard offhands go up to 8.5% crit chance, if you find one 100-300 with 8.5% crit (even with a bogus additional stat like str) you should know it's worth a lot.

So you know that if you find an leg item with gold find 24% thorns 300, you don't say, that sucks so I vendor it, instead you realise 25% is the max (except on amulets) and you know this is a great piece for someone's goldfind set that will fetch a good price. I searched it on the AH and this would fetch 200K gold. 25% is 500K minimum.

But keep in mind that values near the max mean jackpot, lower values quickly diminish in value. 80 all resist is millions, but nobody buys anything below 50, above 65 seems to be the sweet spot. Gloves have 10% crit chance as maximum, so gloves with 5% crit chance suck and are worthless, but on a ring, bracer or helm where 6% is the maximum, 5% would be a great thing to have and be worth a lot.

And unfortunately because of sockets, helms with great MF or GF values but without socket are almost worthless because even a crap helm with a socket could be better.

I would say three properties at 80% of maximum is jackpot.

Oh that's handy. Thanks for posting.

I like my DH to be in a cloak, but I see from that chart that generic chest pieces have higher maximum stats and can still have DH specific bonuses too. Seems a little harsh for the sake of a better cosmetic. Still, not as bad as every bad Barbarian belt I have ever picked up.
I beleive the problem with item pricing on ah is beacuse you dont get pushished for a non sale. So people list items not even worth a 1% of there listed fees.

Blizz should put up a list fee and an end sale fee this would stop people from listing huge amounts (250 million gold WTF) on items in the first place.

Economy in D3 is in a worse condition than Greece at the mo and thats BAD>

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