Magic Find (MF) & Gold Find (GF) Mechanics

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Can somebody direct me to a site where i can find VALID and TESTED information about how mf and gf work?

Additional question: when playing with other players, does the mf / gf of the people in my party affect my drop ? I am asking this because when i'm playing with a friend of mine we both have the impression that we find less blue / yellow items.
(let's say i have 100%MF and my friend only 50%, base stat, without NV buff)
MF and GF only affect your item drop. You can easily test it with your friend if you have specific gear. Or you may compare loot/gold drop when you have 0 NV and your friend has 5 NV and etc. Your drop will be very different.
So... if i Have 100% MF , and my friend has 0, i will get the same drop i would get if he had 100% too ?

I read on some sites that if I have X mf , and he has Y mf... our combined mf will be (X + Y) / 2
opinions ?
It's not a direct average, but you will lose a little MF, and he will gain some.
Gold find and magic find are split between the group.

If your friend has 0% magic find, and you have 100%, you will both have 50%.
This was to counteract people joining public games with 200% magic find and being
completely useless to the group but getting the best loot possible.

As far as I know the same applies to gold find. Now, testing it with gold find is pretty
easy, just invite your friend, kill some mobs, check the average high cap on gold, and then one of you take off your gold find gear.

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