Scammed for 3500000 gold BLUE post please !

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Call 911
only idiots get scammed. I mean seriously.
This so !@#$ing annoying with scammed threads. SIMPLE AS HELL TO NOT GET SCAMMED - DON'T BUY STUFF AS TRADE, BUY FROM AH !
02/07/2012 18:55Posted by Heinzman
only idiots get scammed. I mean seriously.

then accept challange...whisp me ingame so i gonna scam you for scientific purpose....just to show you otherwise....

all i need you to do is simpe item trade, nothing else.
I hope blizz assist you but to be honest i dont think they will
*snip* skamd me for a mempo 1.6 bil lost omg :/ i thinking to stop play this !@#$ing game.
sry scammed
how did he scammed you ? explain please
Please don't necro threads.

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